4 Proper Methods for Watering Home Plants

4 Proper Methods for Watering Home Plants

When watering plants at home, you must use the right method to keep the plants healthy.

When watering plants at home, you must use the right method to keep the plants healthy. Because if it is wrong, besides the plant is damaged, any method of watering the plants can also create fungi that cause death in plants.
Here are four methods of watering plants at home properly:

1 Water the plants with the right frequency

The first method of determining the water needed for a bath is 2.54 centimeters of water per week. However, there are some plants that require more water than that and some other types also need less water. It is best to know the correct watering frequency.

2. Water near the roots and not over the leaves

The second method is that you have to water directly into the roots which give up the water it needs. Water that touches the leaves will only fall and evaporate. So aim a hose, pipe, or other tool at the bottom of the plant to make sure the plant is getting enough water.

3. Flush lengthwise and deeply

Most plants are healthiest when their roots grow deep in the soil, not growing outward or toward the surface. Water the plant deeply so that the soil is completely wet and water can reach the root tips to encourage downward root growth.

4. Check for signs of overwatering

Just like plants that lack water, plants that consume too much water are also likely to die. Make sure you water the plants with the right frequency and don’t overdo it. Pay attention to the watering time of the plants to be watered.

Best Types of Plants to Place in Living Room and Kitchen

The presence of plants in each room can change different nuances. The room can be more beautiful, or better and healthier than before. However, this can only be done by certain types of plants. Because different rooms, different plants are suitable for storage in it.

How to choose these plants according to the advice of Christopher Satch, in-house plant expert at The Sill, The UK’s National Landscape Discovery Center. Each plant has a special compatibility with different rooms in the house. For example, here is a selection of plants for the living room and kitchen. Don’t make the wrong choice, OK!

Living Room

Choose plants based on the type of sun exposure the family room or living room has. For general reference, there are four kinds of sun exposure in this room: bright, direct light (full sun); bright, indirect light (partial shade); intermediate, indirect; and low, indirect light.

Plant suggestions for the living room:

-Bird of Paradise
-Rubber tree
-Cactus or succulent


The kitchen is a source of water. Even though it doesn’t have the humidity like a bathroom, this room is more humid than other rooms in the house. Therefore, he suggested that plants stored indoors be planted in hanging pots that are on the windowsill.
The plants for the kitchen include:

-Air plants
-Herbal plant
-Trailing pothos