To help keep your home cool is to provide ornamental plants. Plants can change the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. The forest canopy generates large amounts of transpiration which increases the water vapor in the atmosphere, causing more rainfall and often amplifying cooling by blocking sunlight. The following are some of the best houseplants you need to keep your home cool during the summer.

1. Ficus benjamina

One of the few trees that do well indoors, this leafy tree also helps keep the air moist and cool inside, providing much needed relief from the heat for those who spend time indoors. Choose a tall stem with a dense top that can serve as a small forest canopy for other plants below or around it.

2.Ficus Elastica

Increasing the humidity in the room will provide a cooling effect and these houseplants are very effective in replenishing the moisture in the air. The more foliage a plant has, and the larger the leaves, the more moisture it will release back into the air. This plant will absorb water through its roots, then release moisture through the pores located on the underside of the leaves or midribs.

3. Palms

The larger the surface area of a leaf, the more oxygen it can produce. The array of palms is not only beautiful to look at but creates a sort of mini indoor rainforest, so the perfect way to give your home a tropical feel during the summer months.

4. Mother-in-law’s tongue

Just like aloe vera, the leaves of the mother-in-law’s tongue also have a lot of water content which is quite high, so when it occurs, this plant releases cold water vapor which evaporates into the air. It also releases oxygen, keeping you cool during hot summer nights.

4 Ornamental Plants Make Home Cooler