Keeping the environment clean should be our obligation in our daily activities.

A healthy and clean environment will be the benchmark for a society, the more people are aware of this, the standard of living and public health will increase

The values ​​of cleanliness have generally been learned since elementary school, simple things such as not littering is one of the attitudes that need to be maintained

So, what about other steps in maintaining a clean environment that may escape our daily attention?

Minimize the use of single-use items

The easiest first step to keep the environment clean is to minimize the use of single-use items such as shopping plastic, drink bottles, etc.

We can almost never refuse the use of plastic, but we can still minimize its use by starting to implement a minimal plastic lifestyle.

Using a multifunctional shopping bag, bring your own tumbler and cutlery are easy steps to get started.

Buy local groceries, eat more vegetables and recycle leftovers

When shopping for food needs, buy groceries at the local market instead of buying packaged and imported foodstuffs.

Buying food locally has also reduced aspects of the use of transportation (because it is local), the manufacturing process and packaging of these materials.

Eating vegetables and reducing meat consumption has health benefits and is also good for the environment.

Minimizing meat consumption is the same as reducing the gas produced from greenhouses where processed meat factories are located.

In addition, you can recycle leftover vegetables into compost. You can use this fertilizer to grow your own plants at home.

Start planting a variety of plants

Farming can be a fun activity, you can start planting your own trees at home or take care of your own ornamental plants at home for better air circulation.

Manage household waste

Recycling food waste into compost is one way to keep the environment clean and manage household waste.

In addition, you can also refer to the management of household liquid waste from detergents and various other water uses.

You can read here for an explanation of household water waste management.

Those were some steps you can take to easily keep your environment clean.

The good news is that there are now environmentally friendly laundry alternatives that can minimize the impact of using chemicals on the environment.

4 Easy Steps to Keeping the Environment Clean