Property Care

4 Steps to Increase Business Turnover

Recently, retail entrepreneurs are facing a tough test. Their sales are estimated to be lower than usual due to people’s low purchasing power. This can be seen from the venting of a number of traders. They vent that their turnover …


Garden Pests

Types of Pests That Attack Grapes

Similar to other fruit crops, vines are also very susceptible to pests. As for several types of vine pests often attack and cause damage and losses. Here are some types of vine pests that are often encountered.

Phylloxera Vitifoliae

This …


Guide to Choosing Property

7 Easy Ways to Make a Soundproof Room

If you live in a big city, near a crowd, or near a major road, you may be familiar with noise. Noise from the street or outside the room can indeed be disturbing for those who are in the house. …



4 Easy Steps to Keeping the Environment Clean

Keeping the environment clean should be our obligation in our daily activities.

A healthy and clean environment will be the benchmark for a society, the more people are aware of this, the standard of living and public health will increase…


Type of Renovation

Principles of Making an Earthquake Resistant House, Sturdy Without Collapse

Earthquake-resistant houses are currently one of the most sought after housing. This is of course due to the large number of earthquake news occurring in various regions. On average, earthquakes strike cities in Indonesia two to three times a day.…



10 Ceiling and Wall Paint Color Combinations

In producing a beautiful and charming home design, it cannot be separated from the role of the interior ceiling of the house. The paint color of the interior ceiling of the house is very influential in producing a good home …



News Finance Your Home Lifestyle Law Recommended Tips & Tricks

A windowless room in the house can create horror or an uncomfortable impression for some people.

The presence of lights is sometimes not powerful enough to make the room bright and look more attractive, healthy too.

Yes, a dark room …


Home Interior Design

Tips for Caring for Home Wall Paint to Stay Durable

Having a beautiful home is a dream and dream for everyone. One of the most important things in the element of beauty is the color of paint on each wall of the building.

Usually, wall paint on the outside of …


Decorative Plants

6 Beautiful Ornamental Plants But Poisonous

The flowers that are blooming to the various leaves in the yard give a comfortable feel when viewed. But behind it all there are things to watch out for. The reason is that some of these ornamental plants are poisonous …


Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Outdoor Ornamental Plants Suitable for Planting During the Rainy Season

Many ornamental plants die in the rainy season because they are exposed to too much water. However, some of these outdoor ornamental plants are more weather resistant. Planting ornamental plants in the garden in front of the house can certainly …


Property Care

7 Easy Methods to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Of course, you have created termites in the corner of the house or in the corners of the furniture. Termites are one of the dangerous pests that can interfere with wood-based items in the house. Well, to be free from …


Buying & Selling Property

Best Building Construction Services

In building a house, building construction services will make some of the main parts, along with some important elements in a building. A building or house is basically a structure made by humans with some significant elements in it. A …


Property Care

The recipe for cleaning mold on the ceiling of your house

Ceiling or plasterboard is often moldy, especially if the roof of your house often leaks from rainwater. If the condition of your ceiling is still good and not badly damaged, don’t rush to replace it, in addition to requiring a …


Garden & Lawn Care

Differences and Similarities of Tropical and Minimalist Houses

Both tropical and minimalist design styles have had their heyday for a long time. Even the minimalist style, until now there are still many people who like it. In addition, each of these two architectural styles also has differences and …