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5 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas With Monochrome Colors

The use of monochrome colors is one of the popular trends in decorating a minimalist home.

However, what is a monochrome color? Quoted from the Oxford Dictionary, the term monochrome in the world of photography refers to the use of …



Simple and Beautiful Minimalist Garden Designs

Minimalist gardens have a simple and simple form, but still interesting to look at. Currently, more and more homeowners are implementing this garden design because of the easier arrangement. It doesn’t take too long to take care of it.

This …


Renovations & Improvements

5 Tips for Organizing a Small and Narrow House to Make it Look Wider

Lives in a boarding house, a small apartment, or a small cramped house with a mediocre place? Often think about remodeling a room to make it more spacious, but confused about where to start? Even though a minimalist house can …


Guide to Choosing Property

How to deal with hot and humid air in the house

Certain seasons in Indonesia often make the house feel hot and stuffy. There are many reasons why the house feels hot. However, for some people, they may unwittingly let the heat just enter the room.

Usually in the summer to …


Ornamental Plant Products

How to Make Compost Fertilizer for an Easy Fertilizer Business

As we know, during a pandemic like this, the trend of the hobby of growing plants is increasing in the community. Many people end up pursuing a new hobby as a plant lover. Well, with this opportunity, you can take …


How to Make a Garden

12 Types of Fruit Plants in the Home

The home page is a suitable place for planting various types of ornamental plants, be it flower ornamental plants or other ornamental plants, for those of you who like gardening, of course, you will fill your home page with various …


Type of Renovation

6 Important Elements in Designing a Home Terrace to Make It More Comfortable and Beautiful

Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone’s dream. Although the comfort category for each person is different, the perception can be the same. A good combination of interior and exterior can be used as a common standard. On the exterior, …


Property Care

Consider these 3 things before you choosing a cleaning service

One type of service that is most needed by the community today is cleaning service. Its popularity is not only limited to retail and office areas, you know, households are starting to use this service a lot.

The reason is, …


Home Landscape

8 Korean Modern Minimalist House Inspiration

Until now, the prestige of Korean culture continues to skyrocket, not least. Starting from songs to the adoption of Korean house designs, many have become favorites of various circles of society. When viewed from the aesthetics point of view, the …


New Ornamental Plants

Besides being beautiful, these plants can also be used as a living fence

Now ornamental plants are increasingly diverse in shape. One of them is a plant that can be used as a living fence.

The fence is one component that must be in the house.

The fence functions to maintain the security …


Property Care

7 Easy Methods to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Of course, you have created termites in the corner of the house or in the corners of the furniture. Termites are one of the dangerous pests that can interfere with wood-based items in the house. Well, to be free from …


Buying & Selling Property

Best Building Construction Services

In building a house, building construction services will make some of the main parts, along with some important elements in a building. A building or house is basically a structure made by humans with some significant elements in it. A …


Property Care

The recipe for cleaning mold on the ceiling of your house

Ceiling or plasterboard is often moldy, especially if the roof of your house often leaks from rainwater. If the condition of your ceiling is still good and not badly damaged, don’t rush to replace it, in addition to requiring a …


Garden & Lawn Care

Differences and Similarities of Tropical and Minimalist Houses

Both tropical and minimalist design styles have had their heyday for a long time. Even the minimalist style, until now there are still many people who like it. In addition, each of these two architectural styles also has differences and …