5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pests on Ornamental Plants

The hobby of planting and collecting ornamental plants has become very popular lately. Moreover, during a pandemic, planting can be used as a positive activity while at home. However, one problem that arises is the pests that attack these ornamental …

5 Ways to Take Care of Orchid Flowers in Your Home

The orchid flower is one of the flowers or ornamental plants that can grow and thrive indoors, apart from succulents. In addition to maintenance can not be easy enough, orchids can also be maintained throughout the year.

Let your orchids

4 Simple Tips for Caring for Sunflowers so They Don’t Wither Easily

Sunflowers have unique shapes and colors, making them suitable for planting in your yard. Not only yellow, sunflowers also have elegant red varieties.
This flower is one type of plant that is easy to grow, because it is able to …

8 Outdoor Ornamental Plants That Are Easy To Care For

Planting outdoor ornamental plants in the yard of the house not only makes the house more beautiful, but also makes it more beautiful and cool. Especially if the outdoor ornamental plants that you plant consist of various types of ornamental …