12 Types of Fruit Plants in the Home

12 Types of Fruit Plants in the Home

The home page is a suitable place for planting various types of ornamental plants, be it flower ornamental plants or other ornamental plants, for those of you who like gardening, of course, you will fill your home page with various types of plants.

The home page can provide benefits to us if we can use it well, one of the benefits that can be done is by planting various kinds of fruit plants.

Not all types of fruit plants are suitable for planting in your yard, it could be because the tree is too big or it could be environmental conditions that are not suitable for the fruit plant.

Here are fruit plants in the yard

Water guava fruit

This one fruit we often encounter in the home page of Indonesians, because this one fruit is suitable for planting in the home page, this water guava tree can grow up to 10 meters high.

But planting this water guava tree should be a bit away from the house because this water guava tree requires a large enough space, if we take good care of the water guava tree it can produce a lot of fruit and have many benefits.

Guava Fruit

This guava fruit plant is another type of guava that can be planted in the yard, unlike water guava, guava plants do not require large areas of land.

The fruit produced also has many benefits including as an increase in platelets in the blood for people with Dengue Fever.

Mango fruit

This plant which has the scientific name “mangifera indica” has many variants, this mango fruit plant is widely planted in the Indonesian people’s home page. Mango trees can grow up to 5 meters high.

If we want to plant a mango tree but don’t have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, you don’t have to worry because now this mango tree can be planted using the tambulampot method. The resulting fruit is no less sweet than the fruit of an ordinary mango tree.

Papaya Fruit

Papaya trees do not grow too high, therefore this plant is widely planted in the yard, papaya trees grow upwards with few branches, the fruit is very sweet and can be eaten raw or ripe.

Papayas that are still young are usually used as vegetable dishes, while those that are ripe are used as snacks, their growth is also fast and easy to care for.

Star fruit

The starfruit tree does not require a large area to grow, therefore this plant is suitable for planting on the home page, so we often find starfruit in the home page, especially in Indonesia.

The star fruit tree is also easy to care for, the sweet and sour taste of the fruit is suitable to be enjoyed directly or as a salad ingredient.

Sapodilla fruit

Sapodilla fruit has a sweet taste, so many people plant this sapodilla tree in their yard, plus this tree does not grow tall and is easy to maintain so it is not dangerous.

Sapodilla trees are widely planted because they are so easy to grow and bear fruit, another advantage that sapodilla trees are very resistant to extreme weather.

Kedondong fruit

The fruit which has the scientific name “spondian dulcis” is widely planted in the home page because this plant is so easy to care for.

Kedondong fruit is widely used as a salad ingredient along with other fruits such as mango, guava, yam.

Srikaya Fruit

The sugar apple plant is suitable to be planted in the yard because this tree does not grow too tall so it is safe for the family, the sugar apple plant can also last a long time and have a long life.

Srikaya fruit has a sweet taste with white flesh, srikaya fruit also has many benefits because it contains vitamins.

Avocado Fruit

This plant is in great demand for planting on the home page, although it needs special attention in planting this avocado tree, perhaps because this avocado has many benefits, so many people plant it in their yard.

If you want to get thick and good fruit, choose superior seeds, do regular watering in the morning and evening and remove plants from pests.

Longan Fruit

Longan trees can grow on a large area or on a narrow area using the tambulampot technique, this plant can grow easily.

Longan plant care is also very easy, enough to be given fertilizer when the plant is 1 month old and clean the weeds on the plants and watered regularly.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus plants are also widely planted in the home page because these citrus plants can grow anywhere either on the ground, in polybags or in potted media.

Citrus plants also have many benefits other than that bright citrus fruits can beautify your home page.

Banana Fruit

Banana plants are very easy to plant and fast in their growth period, banana trees are very useful and all these banana trees can be used both for their stems, leaves, and fruit.

Banana plants are tropical plants, therefore they require a lot of sunlight and require a lot of water content, especially in the dry season.

That’s a fruit plant in the yard that you can use as your favorite fruit plant, hopefully useful and thank you.