12 Small Garden Inspirations to Cheat on

12 Small Garden Inspirations to Cheat on

Not only the interior, the exterior of the house should also be considered. A well-arranged backyard, front, or side will make the house more beautiful. Seeing the green leaves and flowers blooming is also good for releasing psychological fatigue after a hard day’s work.

The yard can also be a place for us to express, channel and practice skills in farming and how to present beauty. There are several garden styles that we can apply. The style that we present this time is suitable to be applied in Indonesia because it uses many elements of shrubs and flowers, as well as plants that do not require a lot of water. Here are some of them.

The terraced garden in front of the house

The terraced garden design is suitable for homes with up and down landscapes. Block-shaped stone serves as a land barrier, while preventing erosion. Colorful flowers will refresh the eyes every time we walk on the path beside it.

Shady lotus pond

We can also present a Mediterranean garden in the form of a water garden. The fish pond behind the house with colorful lotuses makes the heart calm when looking at it. The vines and water plants around it make the atmosphere look shady. Enjoy it all while relaxing by the pool.

We can also beautify the home page by planting three different types of plants in one pot. Unlike garden miniatures, because we use standard flower pots like this picture. One of the plants should be flowering plants, so that they look sweet when placed in the corner of the yard.

Nature’s rug

The use of small stones as decorative elements gives a distinctive feature. The garden and terrace seem to blend together because they are the same height. This park is also a variation of terraced garden, where the expanse of land is covered by small stones.

Dry garden

Plants that have thick leaves, or contain water inside (similar to cacti or succulents). This is because Mediterranean countries generally have dry summers and wet winters. You can save water use, because this type of plant does not need to be watered every day.

This is also a park

This is an alternative for those of you who have a yard with very hard soil. Covering plots of land with stones of various colors and shapes makes a barren yard beautiful. The small tree in the corner is the center of interest for this design.

Mediterranean fencing

Another characteristic of the Mediterranean garden is the presence of a brick wall fence as an ornamental element. This fence looks like an unfinished building, complete with windows and tiles. The length of the wall fence is adjusted to the garden area.

Beautiful bush garden

Shrubs or shrubs will relieve garden owners, because they do not require special handling. But the right composition is needed so that the garden looks beautiful.

Minimalist garden

This is an example of a garden design that emphasizes elements other than plants and grass. Garden chairs, lamps and a small fountain combined with some potted plants. Tile floors and patterned walls are a thick Mediterranean feature in this minimalist garden.

Narrow land? Not a problem

Shrubs should be planted in the corners of the field. Meanwhile, plants that cannot grow large are planted in the middle. The composition of dark light should also be considered. In this small garden there is one plant with a light green color as a counterweight.

Simple garden for busy people

This garden combines wall fences, small stones, bricks and colorful plants. Uniquely, stones and bricks are dominant here. This small garden is suitable for a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. The right choice for those of you who don’t have much time to care for plants.

Prioritizing privacy

Shrubs can also be used as a natural fence to block the eyes of a fad. While we can comfortably relax in the backyard. Choose plants with flowers that we like the most to make it more comfortable to sit in the garden for a long time.

Alternative Option: Vertical Garden

In addition to some of the ornamental garden ideas above, there is one other alternative that you can apply, namely a vertical garden. This is suitable for housing in urban areas, especially houses without a yard.

How to? First of all, choose a piece of wall as a plant area for a vertical garden. Then design this vertical garden design, both according to the shape, size, and type of plants for your small garden.

Want a minimalist flower garden? Just choose beautiful flower plants that are the easiest to care for, such as orchids, begonias, white stefanots, japanese irises, or morning glories. Also prepare the right planting media, such as hanging pots, fern sticks, burlap sacks, PVC pipes, or used plastic bottles.

Installing a vertical garden is quite easy to do. The simplest, simply by driving nails or making a hanging frame structure of iron ram for hanging plants. If your home design is modern in style, it would be better to use a special frame structure for flower pots, as in the picture of the front garden of the house above. It can keep your home looking as clean and tidy as ever.