If we look at houses in housing, usually the outside color is the same, ranging from neutral white or cream.

However, the white color for the exterior of the house sometimes feels boring, doesn’t it? It’s like you can’t show your personality or the fun of your family from the outside.

So that your house doesn’t seem boring with just white, let’s take a look at the color inspiration for the exterior wall paint,which can give your home a unique touch.

Yes, there are lots of unique house paints that don’t bore you and don’t get dirty easily.

Cool Outdoor Wall Paint Colors Apart from White and Anti-Tacky

Bored with white house paint color? There are lots of wall paints that you can try to make your house look cool without having to use white. Don’t worry, your home will look tacky!

Cool outdoor paint color, soft pastel blue

The blue color creates a relaxing, calm, and cheerful impression. In addition, everyone also usually likes blue.

Dark brown color

Dark brown like wood is a classic and timeless color. This color is also not flashy.

Soft dark brown color always has a welcoming impression. The dark brown color for wall paint will look even better if your house has a green yard around it. This will give rise to a classic and homey impression.

Cheerful yellow color

Yellow is a color that will generally bring out the spirit. Yellow can always make people smile, and it might suit your happy family.

Besides that, yellow is also a fairly classic color, especially when combined with dark colors on doors or windows. Yellow will give the impression that your home is glowing!

Army green color

A warm army green really wouldn’t look too overpowering, for your home. The warm green will remind you of the color of the forest in the sun.

If you like a rustic or vintage home style, this house color will be perfect to be used as the color of the exterior wall paint of your home.

This color matches the vintage and warm mood of being in a cabin in the woods.

Cool light gray outdoor paint color

Gray is a classic neutral color. You can almost combine it with anything. So this color can be your foundation for building your home style.

Light gray is still a bright color but seems to have a seductive mysterious impression. In addition, the classic impression given by gray will make your home feel like a warm home.

Navy blue color

Navy blue color gives a classic and smart impression. Like other blues, this color creates a calming impression.

However, what distinguishes navy from soft blue is that navy has a mysterious, mature, and classic impression. By choosing navy blue as the color of the exterior wall paint, you will give your home a classic feel.

Beige color

For those of you who want to have a color outer wall paint with a color slightly closer to white, you can choose ivory, aka ivory yellow, or beige or cream.

These two colors give a relaxed impression, not overdone and are really suitable for people who like the beach because they are sandy in color. In addition, this color is quite neutral and can be used as a base color for other color combinations.

Brick red and maroon

Red is indeed a very striking color, so many people are afraid to choose this color as an exterior wall paint.

If you want to use red for the outer walls of your house without being afraid to stand out too much, use brick red or maroon.

These two colors are classic colors that contrast with the environment. Brick color will give a warm impression to a house that has a classic style.

A color like this will certainly give your home a different touch from other neighboring houses, but it is still pleasing to the eye and seems luxurious.

Baby pink color

If you are girly and want to paint the walls of your house pink but not tacky, you can choose a very soft light pink. This color can give the impression of a Barbie house or a classic house, depending on the color and style you choose.

If you combine it with navy blue or gray, a light pink house will feel like a house by the beach.

Black is a cool outdoor paint color

To use black as a home exterior, you must be able to choose the right black color (as much as possible dark black that is not glossy) and combined with other classic colors such as gray or white.

With the right combination, your house won’t seem scary, but it will feel timeless. In addition, it turns out that using cool outdoor paint colors has a number of benefits.

10 Unique Wall Paint Color Inspirations for Outside the Home