10 Types of Selected Ornamental Grass to Beautify the Garden

10 Types of Selected Ornamental Grass to Beautify the Garden

Having a beautiful garden is the dream of many people. The garden is an aesthetic part of the residence that has many benefits. Not only to beautify the house, a beautiful garden also creates a beautiful impression as well as can raise one’s mood.

the rest of the land for the garden is not so wide. You can use the land to green your dream home. Generally, the garden decorates the front of the house. In some house designs that are quite spacious, the garden also adorns the back and sides of the house. Parks are needed in residential because of the many benefits.

Types of Garden Grass

As a source of oxygen, gardens can improve air circulation and help neutralize the climate, thus making the dwelling cooler and shady. A beautiful garden will certainly please its residents. You can channel your gardening hobby by placing some ornamental plants in the front garden.

Not only plants, grass is also a crucial thing that your front garden needs. The green grass that covers the vacant land in the park will make the dwelling more beautiful and beautiful. In fact, the presence of grass without ornamental plants has also made the dwelling look cool.

Grass is often an option for vacant land cover in the garden because it is more beautiful than using Paving Blocks. After all, planting and caring for ornamental grass is not complicated. But of course it is quite complicated if you are given the choice to determine what type of garden grass you want to apply.

Well, being in the tropics, there are many types of grass that can be applied in your residential garden, whether it’s an outdoor garden or an indoor garden. Choosing grass also cannot be arbitrary because it must be adapted to the design of the home garden.

Types of Garden Grass

Here are some types of garden grass that can be used as an option for a home garden:

1. Japanese Grass (Zoysia Japonica)

Japanese grass is one of the most commonly grown ornamental plants. This type of garden grass does not actually come from Japan, but it is a term to distinguish the types of plants based on their size.

Japanese grass has a short size, rough texture and tapered ends, so it is also known as needle grass. Although comfortable to sit on it, but if it hits the skin it will feel like being pricked by a needle.

2. Local Elephant Grass

Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) is a large grass that is also useful for livestock. The high nutritional content makes elephant grass often used for animal feed such as cows, goats, chickens and so on.

Elephant grass has a coarse texture with large leaves. This plant is easy to grow as long as the soil tends to be wet. This type of garden grass that is resistant to footstep is suitable for gardens that people often pass through, such as children’s playgrounds and so on.

3. Mini Elephant Grass

Mini Elephant Grass is a type of grass that is widely used for gardens, making it the favorite of many people, especially urban residents. In contrast to local elephant grass, mini elephant grass has a smaller size with a better texture.

4. Mini Varigata Elephant Grass

Variegata is a variety of mini elephant grass. The difference is, mini varigata elephant grass has unique characteristics. The leaves are thick with slightly curled edges and white in color. As for the growth is the same as mini elephant grass, growing sideways.

In terms of price, of course, mini varigata elephant grass is more expensive than mini elephant grass. The advantages and disadvantages of this varigata elephant grass are also not much different from mini elephant grass. If you want your home garden to look beautiful and different, this type of garden grass can be an option!

5. Swiss Grass

Of the various types of garden grass, swiss grass is a garden grass that has the smoothest and softest texture. The grass that was asked to be the best grass among all types of garden grass has a beautiful green color to look at.

Unlike Japanese grass, Swiss grass is quite comfortable to sit on. This famous grass with the most beautiful appearance of course has a more expensive price than other types of garden grass.

6. Peking Grass

At first glance, Peking grass is similar to Japanese grass and not a few say that Peking grass is Japanese grass. Characteristically both are the same, but there are slight differences. Peking grass blades are finer and the leaves grow less often than Japanese grass.

7. Tripe Grass / Golf Grass

https://i.ibb.co/0Q6jd3Y/Grass-on-golf-course-putting-green.jpg” alt=”Grass-on-golf-course-putting-green

Tripe grass is also known as golf grass, because of its use for golf courses. But not only golf courses, this type of garden grass can also be applied to home gardens, although not many use it.

Golf grass has short leaves that grow vertically and have a soft, clustered texture. Golf grass is similar to Swiss grass and is very easy to grow.

Golf grass is very beautiful for a wide field landscape. If you want to apply at home, you should consult a landscape expert, because this type of garden grass cannot grow anywhere. In addition, golf grass is the most complex type of grass to care for.

8. Manila Grass (Zoysia Matrella)


This type of garden grass does come from the Philippines with characteristics similar to Japanese grass. In addition to the field, manila grass is also often planted in the yard to beautify the garden.

Manila grass is widely used for turf on golf courses in Asia, Europe, America and also for football fields. However, this grass is not suitable for the field in Indonesia due to weather differences. This grass has the highest caste for use on the soccer field.

9. Kentucky Grass (Poa Pratensis)

Kentucky grass is a winter grass that has a characteristic bluish green color, so many call it bluegrass. This European ali grass has several varieties such as annual bluegrass (poa annua), common bluegrass (poa trivialis) and wood bluegrass (poa nemoralis).

This type of garden grass can produce thick, fertile and long-lasting grass if properly cared for. Kentucky grass has leaves that are shaped like boats and there are bright parallel lines in both of the central veins of the leaf blade.

Besides being suitable for your home garden design, this grass is also suitable for athletic fields, futsal fields, soccer fields and golf courses. While the price for this grass seed is quite expensive compared to other ornamental grasses, so many minimalist homes choose other types of grass.

10. Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is the right solution if you are not painstaking in caring for the live grass in the yard. Synthetic grass is artificial grass made from certain synthetic materials. The shape is like a carpet designed to resemble real grass.

Synthetic grass can be used for outdoor gardens and indoor gardens. The variety of synthetic grass options is also very large, so you can choose the artificial turf model according to your taste. Read: 80 Coolest and Coolest Indoor Garden Designs