10 Synthetic Grass Garden Design Inspirations. Come on, Make a Relaxing Hangout Area at Home!

10 Synthetic Grass Garden Design Inspirations. Come on, Make a Relaxing Hangout Area at Home!

Planning to make an artificial grass garden so your little one feels at home playing? Don’t worry because we will provide 10 designs that might inspire you. Read to the end the following article!

Making children feel at home playing can be done in various ways, one of which is building a synthetic grass garden as attractive as possible.

In contrast to ordinary grass gardens in general, synthetic grass gardens have a number of advantages.

In maintenance, for example, a garden with this type of grass is easy to clean.

Meanwhile, in terms of cost, it is also relatively cheaper than ordinary parks.

Children are believed to like it if the garden in the yard uses artificial grass because the color tends to be sharper.

Well, if you need ideas for making a garden with this type of grass, here are some pictures that can inspire you.

10 Synthetic Grass Garden Designs

Homey Garden

If you have a large enough area, you can design a homey artificial grass garden. Include sofas, tables and chairs and other supporting furniture. An atmosphere like this, especially if the garden you want to make is outdoor, is very popular with children.

Garden with Gazebo

The existence of a gazebo can make children happy because there are different spots besides the grass area. Not only that, you can also relax and occasionally lie down while monitoring the baby. In terms of beauty, the gazebo can also make the garden that you build seems to be in a rural area.

Minimalist Synthetic Grass Garden

No need to be confused if the house you have has a limited area to be used as a garden. Make a minimalist concept while still prioritizing a sense of comfort. Placement of ornamental plants, chairs and small tables, can make the garden still loved by all family members.

Garden with Tent

Adding the element of fun playing in the garden of the house can be done in various ways. Invite all family members to relax together, accompanied by tents, chairs, or if necessary a children’s slide. This can make the baby happy and feel at home.

Grass Garden with Fish Pond

It’s incomplete if you make a garden without a fish pond. If you have enough land, make a fish pond even though it is small. The picture above can be used as inspiration, moreover there are also ornamental plants. The synthetic grass used also looks well-groomed and clean.

Explore the Tiny Garden with Wooden Chairs & Tables

Getting around a small garden can be done by combining elements of wood on a chair or table. Although it doesn’t make the garden wider, it gives a much more comfortable impression.

Synthetic Garden in the Front Yard

The location of the garden does not always have to be behind the house. The picture above shows if the garden with artificial grass is also suitable for use in front. The more beautiful because of the tree which is quite large and a number of plants in pots. Guaranteed, your little one will love to play while jogging in the park like this.

Large Artificial Grass Garden

Making simple synthetic garden decorations can also be an option. Precisely with the lack of other plants make the garden feel more spacious. If you look at the picture above, the park can also function as a place to exercise, right?

Red Stone Combination Synthetic Grass Area

The garden design by combining artificial grass and red small stones brings a pleasant aura. You will not feel bored because the combination is quite slick. Parks like this will be very beautiful if the morning sun shines.

Grass Garden by the Pond

Have a swimming pool with a size that is not too wide, aka there is still vacant land? To add a fresh impression, make a garden with artificial grass by the pool. Besides being cool, the green color of the grass can make your mood back to good after swimming.