10 Side Garden Landscape Ideas, Make Your Home More Beautiful

10 Side Garden Landscape Ideas, Make Your Home More Beautiful

Having a large enough land is a very useful bonus for anyone who likes beauty, because of course there are many areas that can be beautifully polished. If most of today’s minimalist house dwellers are busy with the front garden design and the back area of ​​the house, then for those of you who have a large enough land, using the side of the house as a side garden is a very interesting idea.

The side of your house can be the perfect place to create a small garden with a path, then add a small table and chairs to relax at any time. Surely many people want to have a side garden that is more private than the Front Garden which is the main activity route for guests who come.

There are many side garden design ideas that can be used to create a more beautiful and natural side area of ​​the house. Not only as a garden, usually the side of the house is used for a second door that leads to the back of the house. Even so, making it more beautiful must be more interesting, right?!

Here are some tips for garden design ideas next to the house:

Decoration of the side area as a connecting road.

Instead of the narrow area on the side of the house being too ordinary and just like that, make it a garden. Having a small garden that extends to the side of the house can make a big difference in the design of the house, especially if you place an arrangement of paving stones for garden paths.

The garden next to the house can create a cool feel in your residence. If you have a room window that leads right into the side garden, it will definitely keep your house cool all day long.

Tip: You can add some plants along the path that leads to the back door or garage.

Create a natural stone path for serenity.

The side of the house is the perfect place for landscape ideas. Adding natural stone paths and a wide selection of pretty plants, will really guide you along the garden path. You can design the side garden as beautiful as possible, want to add natural stone that meets the garden path, or arrange it like a path with a unique shape, choose an arrangement that suits your taste.

On the other hand, not everyone wants a garden filled with many plants that require a lot of water or soil, so that it requires quite a hassle maintenance. Aside from being a path, you can also line the minimalist garden land area with natural stone. This is used to trap moisture in the soil and keep the surrounding plants hydrated. Read: 30+ Simple Minimalist Front Garden Designs

Tip: For garden paths, you can limit the area of ​​the natural stone path – if using gravel, with bricks for a nice aesthetic appearance. You can plant ornamental plants or vegetable plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and so on. Very suitable to be applied if the garden path leads to the kitchen.

If you want to look unique, you can create a geometric pattern on the garden path. You can arrange the plants in rows around the paving for a more uniform look.

Paving can be placed in almost any geometric pattern to create your own version of symmetrical type. Meanwhile, plants can be added to pots along the side of the garden, hanging in the window or directly planted in the ground.

Make sure the garden is shady and functional

Take advantage of every place in the house area. If previously the garden path could be directed to the kitchen or garage, then you can also direct the garden path directly to a place to relax, especially under a shady tree on the side of the house.

You can create a small garden by planting some of the vegetables needed for your kitchen. If you want it to be even more interesting, you can plant it with various other plants. Even if you have a side area of ​​the house that is close to the road, there is nothing wrong with decorating a small garden with paving and a place to relax at the end. Read: List of Ornamental Plants for Home Gardens

Tips: The path in the park is not only straight to walk in the middle of the park. You can add some gaps to distinguish the types of plants, or limit them with a small fence so that your plants are not disturbed by pets and children.

If your side garden is near a highway, you can add a bamboo fence or hedge that is low enough to limit the privacy space between the garden and the road. Then, relax comfortably while listening to the passing vehicles.

Look beautiful with a curved shape.

Lovers of art and decoration, will definitely like this one. Not all side garden designs are designed simply with straight paved garden paths. You can design it more beautiful and unique with a curved shape. The curvy shape in some parts of the side garden is a good way to describe this perfect landscape idea.

Tips: Not only a curved garden path on the side of the house, make indentations in the plant area filled with beautiful flowers and ornamental plants. Add some space in the side garden to grow your favorite kitchen spice that you often need.

Side garden paths with curved shapes can not only be made of cement castings, but you can use paving or gravel to get the same result.

Apply unique and simple paving.

Sometimes, keeping your side garden landscape as simple as possible is the best choice. By keeping things simple, you will find side gardens and walkways that are much easier to maintain, still beautiful and relaxing.

You can still create a side garden between other buildings such as a garage or warehouse. In order not to be monotonous, add flower plants so that the minimalist garden in the middle of the building looks colorful.

Tip: Add some cute paving to create a walkway. Leaving a large garden open and adding a few small trees and flower plants will make your simple garden more beautiful and beautiful. You can add a Garden Door as a gateway to the garden.

Plant special ornamental plants.

Instead of entering the warehouse, it’s time to be creative with used goods. You have to be creative in designing a minimalist garden next to the house. To make it look prettier and different, you can change used items to decorate the garden.

The garden also doesn’t have to be flat on the ground, you can add a vertical garden in the garden design next to the house. It’s better if you add flowers that smell good, such as roses, jasmine, and so on. Read: 50 Unique and Creative Designs of Decorative Plant Pots in the Garden

Tips: Use used goods to make Unique Pots that can be applied in the garden, or hung in the fence area. You can make pots from used shoes, old tires, bottles, light bulbs and so on. Make the garden as unique as possible so that you feel at home for long relaxing there.

Create a hedge to make it more natural.

Maybe some people don’t want their neighbors to be able to see what is being done in the backyard or garden next to the house. If you are also like that, then making a closing fence is one of the right solutions.

If you aim to design a side garden, then not a wall fence is the solution, but a natural fence which in addition to making your activities more private, can also create a natural feel in the garden.

Tips: You can use a private fence to block the side garden area. This plant grows relatively quickly which can be adjusted in height depending on how much privacy you want. Add your favorite plants among other plants to get a little beauty in your side garden.

Paving the entire area and decorate with potted plants.

It’s not impossible if you want to create a side garden in an area that is paved. Paved outdoor areas usually look cleaner, neater and are the perfect solution during the rainy season, because they are easy to clean, waterproof and have a strong surface. Read: 68 Cool Paving Block Designs for Home Pages

Nothing says that you have to have a natural garden to be able to enjoy the feel of nature. Even on paving, you can still create a beautiful, clean and beautiful side garden.

Tips: Use paving in attractive and natural color choices. Add planting area along the paving path (you can make one out of cement). Then, plant some flowers, shrubs and trees to complete the side garden in your house.

Combine stone, paving and fences for a natural garden.

Creating a minimalist garden like a fairy tale is not difficult if you are creative. You can combine natural stone, paving and fences to complete the garden next to the house to make it beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Adding plants that stretch far along the path is a great way to create a little bit of privacy.

Tips: You can plant hedges on the side of the garden path. Add a bench that can be used to sit for a moment enjoying the garden or as a place for special potted plants.

At the end of the natural stone road, the decoration is the entrance to the garden in the style of a princess. You can use a curved iron or bamboo trellis as a place for vines to grow. Of course the length according to your taste.

Provide a place for relaxation

If your side garden is close to other buildings, or is in between, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a relaxing place for relaxation.

Decorating a beautiful and charming side garden is sure to distract you from everything around you. So you can still relax for a moment in the small garden, even though it is flanked by towering buildings.

Tips: Make a path with paving in the middle of the garden, then use every inch of available land to plant various kinds of plants. You can plant vegetables, flowers and shrubs to give the peace and quiet you desire.