10 Ornamental plants for Tiny Houses

10 Ornamental plants for Tiny Houses

Do you want decorations that are fresh, beautiful and bring a cool atmosphere that is suitable for your little house? Ornamental plants are the answer! Not all ornamental plants have to be large and take up space. In fact, besides the monstera plants, there are still many types of ornamental plants that are mini, cute and all adorable. Without requiring a lot of space, let’s take a peek at 10 ornamental plants for your tiny house!

Aloe vera

Do you know? The fact is that aloe vera is still a kind of ornamental plant. Just like other types of ornamental plants that you usually encounter, you can make aloe vera an option to beautify your room. With the presence of this plant, you will also easily reap its benefits as a burn reliever or skin moisturizer. It is enough to weed it occasionally, indoor houseplants are ready to decorate with sweetness.

Anthurium flowers

Next up is the Anthurium flower which is worth looking into a home decoration. Choose a variety of anthurium flower seeds, ranging from a leaf the size of a coin to a plate-wide mature leaf. Try the mini anthurium flower as a solution for ornamental plants in your tiny house.

Asparagus ferns

Most people buy this plant because of the unique shape of the leaves. With the ability to grow rapidly, use this ornamental plant as an ornamental plant that can ward off air pollution at home as well as be eye-catching.

Pachira / Money Plant

According to feng shui, a plant that brings good fortune, pachira aka money plant can be an ideal ornamental plant for your little house. With care that is not difficult and is also the right size, just place this ornamental plant in a small pot and care for it occasionally by cutting branches, giving water and weeding in the sun.

Succulent Echeveria

The beauty of the succulent type, this plant is no less interesting, the shape of a flower resembles a beautiful rose. The leaves are shiny and colored, and most importantly, they don’t need a large potting medium. If making Echeveria an indoor houseplant, remember not to place it in a cold room because of the potential for mold.

Jade plants

Another succulent as an alternative to beautiful ornamental plants, although not large, jade is an ornamental plant that is synonymous with bringing good luck in your house. This ornamental plant is not only beautiful with thick oval leaves, but also durable if cared for painstakingly. Wipe the leaves if covered with room dust, give a little water and clean it occasionally.

Fortune Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, that’s the cool name of this ornamental plant. As the name implies, the fortune bamboo plant is believed to bring good luck so it is often used as a symbol of decoration in your house. More importantly, its beautiful shape in a bunch of bamboo draped closely together makes it a suitable indoor houseplant. Also add a bunch of red ribbons for the most eye-catching attractions.

Tongue Flower In-Law

Want a fresher air inside of room? Just try the snake plant, aka the tongue-in-law’s tongue flower which is effective as a poison absorber. Just one small pot for this ornamental plant to make the air circulate more fresh, plus appearance long leaves that grow upward also makes it cool.


Rosemary herbaceous plant is often called a leaf ornamental plant because it has dense leaves that are shaped like small spines. Besides that, rosemary is also ornamental plant because it smells good and is decorated with purple flowers

Rosemary houseplants also have a number of benefits. Some of them are mosquito repellent plants and cooking spices in the kitchen for even more fragrant and delicious preparations!


No need for a large pot to care for lavender plants, because with only with small pot the aroma is already attractive. As an ornamental plant, lavender is good for reduce anxiety both from its aroma and its soothing appearance. In fact, lavender is more ideal as an ornamental plant in a small form because of its maximum effect.