No need for a major renovation. It is enough by applying this modern house paint color combination, your home will look like new!

Paint Color Combinations

Repainting the house is indeed one of the right ways to change the atmosphere of the house so it is not boring.

What’s more, most people have had to stay indoors because of the Covid1-9 pandemic in recent months.

For this reason, repainting the house is a cost-effective solution to get rid of boredom, especially those of you who have to work from home.

However, there is one thing that needs to be considered before deciding to repaint the house, namely choosing the right color.

The paint color used in your residence will be a character for the residents.

Be careful in choosing house paint color combinations

Although each color has its own strength, the use of an inappropriate combination of paint colors will have an effect on the atmosphere of the room as well as the mood of the occupants.

Therefore, determining the color palette in a room has a big risk.

Choosing the wrong color can also make your room look no better than before.

For example, giving the impression of being narrow, dark, and boring.

Don’t want these things to happen to your home?

For that, you need to pay attention to several things before choosing the right paint color combination for your residence.

Then, how to choose the right paint color for your home?

Choose Colors with Different Shades


Colors are combined into two different groups, namely warm and cold shades.

For this reason, pairing colors with different temperatures will always produce harmonious color combinations.

For example, mix hues with cool tones like warm pastel blues and yellows.

Or, pair warm neutrals like brown or cream with bold colors like navy or orange.

Go Monochrome:

Monochrome palettes aren’t just about black and white.

You can use contrasting color tones to create a futuristic impression in the room.

Colors with the same hue but in different tones can be the right choice.

For example, a combination of light blue or pastel blue with dark blue or navy will be an interesting color combination.

Choose a Complementary Color

To give beautiful details to the room, you can add complementary colors.

Colors that are opposite each other can be complementary but can still look beautiful when combined.

One of the complementary colors that is currently popular is the coral color palette, such as green or turquoise.

Still confused about choosing the right paint color combination for your home?

Calm! Check out 10 inspirational paint color combinations with a color palette that will make your home look fresher and more spacious below.

Choice of paint color combinations that are right for your residence

Pink and White


Pink does not always give a girly impression.

Try to combine it with white, and work around it with an earth tone interior.

For example, the use of mahogany colored furniture with antique designs that make the room look classic style.

In addition to giving a broad impression, the two color combinations can make the room look fresh.

You also don’t need to be afraid to choose the right furniture color for the interior of the room because this color combination is suitable to be combined with various other colors.

Mint and Light Gray

To freshen up the room, try the color combination of designer Caroline Rafferty which gives a mint green feel with a touch of light gray.

Not only does it give a comfortable impression, the mint green color also makes you relax, and can reduce the stress of the residents of the house.

Still thinking about using this two color combination?

Light Blue and Pink

Soft blue can serve as a perfect backdrop when paired with the right colors.

Try combining it with a slightly bold pink color to make the room look harmonious.

These two color combinations can provide freshness that looks attractive to anyone who visits your home.

Add some interiors that make your room look beautiful such as a gold-colored painting or mirror.

Coral and light purple

Want your room to look comfortable?

Mix a palette of soft pinks and mauves.

Both of these combinations will present a comfortable impression but still look elegant at the same time.

In addition, you can also experiment with various beautiful accents such as a minimalist sofa in bold colors or a small mahogany table to “live” the interior of your room.

Cream and Brown Colors

The interior of your room can be classic but still fresh with a combination of brick red and brown.

These two colors are suitable for those of you who like a room with a simple interior and looks spacious.

This color combination is suitable for rooms that get direct sunlight.

That way, the room will look clean, fresh, and comfortable when used for activities.

Dark Green and Light Blue

The combination of these two colors will make your room not only look fresh but also spacious at the same time.

These fun colors are suitable for those of you who have a residence on the beach.

Try using light blue as a base, while dark green as a complementary color for the interior of your room.

Not only does it produce the right mix, you will also feel comfortable with the feel of the room resulting from the two color combinations.

Cream and White

These two color combinations are also for those of you who like simple room interiors with neutral colors.

In addition to making your room look spacious, the combination of these two paint colors can make your home look expensive.

Beige and white also give a clean impression.

For that, make sure you choose the right paint material for your home when using these two colors.

Dark Orange and White

Want your home to look chic and elegant at the same time?

Using a combination of orange and white for a room in your house can be the right choice.

The orange color will balance the white color so that it presents an edgy-style room with a cheerful touch.

Give a touch with sweet accents in the room such as decorations or plants.

Light Blue and Gray

The combination of light blue and gray can bring a cold impression to the room but still looks elegant.

These two neutral colors can be the right paint color combination for those of you who want a room with various antique ornaments.

This will make your home look alive.

Blue and light yellow

Want your home to look fresh with bold and bold colors?

You can use a combination of bright blue and light yellow or pastel paint colors for the interior of your room.

These two paint color combinations will present a cool impression of blue and a warm impression that comes from pastel yellow at the same time.

Although it is rarely used by many people, this color combination can be a neat combination for your home.

Especially for those of you who have a rather spacious residence, this combination can liven up the atmosphere when gathering with family at home.

So, no need to be afraid to play with bright colors for your home.

Apart from being unique, your home interior is definitely anti-mainstream.

10 House Paint Color Combinations That Make Your Home Look Like New!