10 Good Fruit Plants Planted in the Home Yard

10 Good Fruit Plants Planted in the Home Yard

Talking about fruit plants, it turns out that it is also good for us to tidy up the yard where we live, in addition to making the yard beautiful, we can also use it for the needs of free fruit at harvest. Of course, it will be very useful…

Not only ornamental plants such as flowers, it turns out that fruit plants are very good if planted in our yard / yard, you know. We don’t need to bother buying the fruit in the market anymore because we can pick it at any time when it is ripe straight from the tree. Of course, it will be a satisfaction in itself, especially from planting to harvesting requires patience, patience to care for and maintain the tree.

The 10 various fruit plants that can be planted in the yard and do not require expensive maintenance include:


The mango tree is one of the plants that is easy to cultivate and bears fruit quickly. This type of plant also does not require a large area, you can also make it as well as an ornamental plant.

This plant seems to be the most commonly planted in the yard of our people’s houses, just look at the right side, front left or back of our neighbors, the average planting of this fruit is straight…

Water guava

Water guava is a type of guava that has a lot of water in the flesh. Water guava can grow to a height of 10 meters and has large leaves that are opposite each other.

Water guava is very beneficial for health and beauty, especially skin beauty, because water guava stores a lot of water in the fruit, so this sweet and sour fruit contributes a lot of water to the body. This type of guava is also very suitable for planting in your yard.


Sapodilla fruit is one type of fruit that is very popular in our country.  has a round shape with brown skin and flesh. This fruit has a fairly distinctive and sweet taste with a thin skin. Sapodilla fruit has a lot of good nutritional content for health.


Rambutan is a tropical fruit with a sweet taste. A striking feature of the rambutan fruit is that there are hairs all over the skin of the fruit which are bright red. Rambutan plants have spread to all corners and are also very suitable for planting in the yard of the house.


The advantage of planting longan trees is that in addition to decorating the home page, this fruit plant that is widely cultivated has sweet and delicious fruit, lush leaves and shady branches can serve as shade in the yard. Longan plants are easy to bear fruit and care does not require expensive costs.


Soursop plants are very much found around us. Soursop is also very good for planting in our yard. Besides being able to be picked directly, it can also make the atmosphere calm.


Avocado fruit has a delicious taste besides this fruit also has many benefits for health purposes. Consuming avocados can make us feel full longer. so it is good to help control excess weight. No wonder this fruit is loved by many people.


Jackfruit fruit is also widely planted in front of the house. You can also choose a mini jackfruit variant for the size of a short jackfruit tree. Mini jackfruit can also be used as tabulampot, you know … of course it will also beautify the atmosphere of the home page.


In general, people really like citrus fruit because it tastes sweet, slightly sour and smells very refreshing. Even if we are dizzy because of the heat, orange juice can provide freshness and replace lost body fluids. You certainly want to be able to consume citrus fruits anytime, right? One way that you can enjoy citrus fruits at any time is to plant your own trees. This method can also prevent us from being ignorant of fruit sellers who intentionally add preservatives, sweeteners and not to mention the rest of the pesticides. Although it does require patience but will bring its own satisfaction.


Guava stone (Psidium guajava) or often also called guava, guava siki and guava klutuk is a tropical plant originating from Brazil, spread to Indonesia via Thailand. Guava has green fruit with white or red flesh and has a sweet-sour taste. Guava fruit is known to contain lots of vitamin C.