The names of gardening tools and their functions to make the garden look beautiful and neat, of course, can also avoid pests.

Gardening Tools – During a pandemic like now, gardening activities in the yard have become one of the popular and fun activities to fill spare time. No need to have special skills, gardening activities can be done by anyone and anywhere.

Gardening can make the home page more beautiful and beautiful. You can measure all sizes of plants according to the area of ​​your yard. Try not to be too big and not too close together. Not only plants, you can also grow various kinds of vegetables easily using polybags.

To facilitate gardening activities, special equipment is needed to treat plants in the yard. Starting from planting plants, watering plants, to protecting plants from pests, all use special practical garden tools.

The Names of Gardening Tools and Their Functions

Plant care in the garden is needed to keep your plants well-groomed and beautiful. With garden tools, you can clean dry leaves, to pests that interfere with plants.

The number of garden tools often makes us confused about the name and function of the tool. To help you garden at home, consider the following explanation.


The first tool that must be used when gardening is gloves. Choose elastic gloves made of nylon, leather, or bamboo fiber to keep your hands clean and dry.

Gloves will protect you from plant thorns, dirt getting into your nails, and bacteria in the dirt on plants.


After buying a new plant, you will need to transplant it into loose soil or a pot. Use a shovel to dig out the soil or other planting medium and cover it again once it has been removed.

The shovel has a sharp tip at the end that makes it easier for you to pry out solid soil. Choose a shovel made of strong stainless steel for easy use.

Water Hose

When choosing to garden, of course you need to water the plants regularly to keep them alive and growing. You need a water hose to reach all the plants in the garden.

Use water with a long size so that all plants can be watered evenly and grow healthy. Do not forget, the end of the hose must have a special spray so that the water can flow more rapidly.


Almost similar to a shovel, a hoe is also used to dig the soil and then cover it with the plants you just bought. However, the hoe has a difference with the Toppers spade. Hoes are usually used to dig deep soil to grow larger plants.

Plant Sprinkler

If the water hose is used in a large garden so that all plants can be reached, you can also use a plant sprinkler to water the garden in front of your house. This tool is quite simple because you just fill the sprinkler with water and then go around to the plants to be watered.

The shape is like a water kettle and has a variety of sizes that you can adjust to your needs.

Garden Fork

Usually we know the fork as a daily cutlery. However, you need to know that there is a garden tool called a garden fork, Toppers. This fork-shaped tool is usually used to collect dry leaves.

The size of the garden fork is relatively large, small forks are usually used to dig small pots and level the soil, while large forks are used to pick up trash and leaves.

Crop Scissors

Garden shears or lawn mowers are also very necessary when you are gardening. Garden shears are used to flatten messy plant branches and also remove rotting leaves. The shape of garden shears is usually large, curved, and of course strong to cut all types of leaves.

Anti-Pest Spray Tool

Gardening is a fun activity. Plants that grow healthy and fresh are a pleasure to see. However, the presence of plant pests is enough to interfere with the fertility of the plants being treated. Pests can cause plants to wither and die.

You need an anti-pest sprayer to protect your plants. Don’t forget to clean the plants and add fertilizer to make them more fertile.

Plant Pot

For those of you who have limited land and want to garden at home, the use of pots can be a solution for gardening by choosing the right pot. Choose a pot that has drainage holes to keep it alive and well. Fill the potting soil by covering of the pot and add your favorite plants.


Polybag is a black plastic bag with small holes for plant circulation. Now many people choose gardening using polybags instead of plant pots because they are cheap and more practical.

You can arrange plants using shelves and grow a variety of plants without spending a large amount of money on storage.

Besides being practical, plants stored in polybags are easy to move.

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