10 Ceiling and Wall Paint Color Combinations

10 Ceiling and Wall Paint Color Combinations

In producing a beautiful and charming home design, it cannot be separated from the role of the interior ceiling of the house. The paint color of the interior ceiling of the house is very influential in producing a good home design. Moreover, the ceiling is located in most houses such as in important rooms, namely the living room, family room, and also the dining room. All of these places will really need to be presented by mixing colors that match the walls and ceilings. Therefore, it is important to know the color combinations of ceiling and wall paints that complement or match each other.

The ceiling itself which is also commonly understood as the ceiling of the house is part of the building construction that functions to cover and limit the roof of the building. Another practical function of the ceiling is to prevent heat or cold from outside so that it doesn’t feel directly inside the house.

With the very important function of the ceiling of the house, Pins should pay more attention, especially to the appearance. Many people use paint colors that match the ceiling and walls. If Pins is bored with monotonous colors, let’s look at 10 unique combinations of ceiling and wall paint colors for Pins’ home design.

Combination of Brown, Orange, and White

The first paint color recommendation for the ceiling and walls of Pins’ house is a mixture of brown, orange, and white. This color is quite unique because not many people use it.

But who knew that mixing the orange ceiling and brown wall paint would produce a warm and comfortable home design. The combination of these three colors is perfect for pins to put in the living room or family room.

Black and White

Indeed, the combination of monochrome colors is never the wrong choice for home design. The combination of white and black has been widely used in today’s modern homes.

With a black ceiling and walls with white paint, it will impress a clean and neat house. In addition, this paint color is also very easy to obtain and never boring. But Pins must be more careful so that the walls of the house are not dirty because of the white color.

Pastel Pink and Mint Blend

The next combination of ceiling and wall paint colors comes with a more calm and cute impression. The combination of mint and pastel pink can be called the perfect combination because it impresses the colorful life. The color combination this time is actually very suitable for Pins to apply to a girl’s bedroom.

With pastel pink ceilings and mint walls, you can guarantee that your child will be very happy. To add harmony, Pins can use curtains or pillowcases with the same color between the two.

Purple and Yellow Combination

This combination of two ceiling and wall colors is presented for Pins who like a contrasting color combination. The yellow ceiling and purple walls of the room impress a vintage-style design that is very playful in terms of color mix. With a mixture of these two colors, Pins won’t get bored easily at home because the house will feel brighter and more colorful.

Blue and White Mix

The combination of paint colors for the ceiling and walls of the next house really reflects the freshness in the house. Pins apply blue on the walls of the house and use white paint on the ceiling. With the combination of these two colors, Pins’ house feels more spacious, you know. And the lighting of the house is also better because it is brighter.

Color Gray and Yellow

The gray paint color in a room means a high aesthetic and elegant side. The gray color in the cold room makes the house design have a strong character. But to give a little touch of color, Pins can use yellow on the ceiling. That way the room will appear more colorful and not boring. In addition, also use a pillowcase with a matching color to add color balance.

Combination of Light Green and White

The mix of colors for the ceiling and walls of this house is back to give peace to the house. Walls with white paint can never go wrong, especially with a light green ceiling along with curtains and other components of the same color. The combination of these two colors will make Pins’ house a very comfortable place to stay.

Yellow and Black Combination

If Pins wants to have an unusual home interior design color, this two color combination will be the right choice. The black ceiling paint and yellow walls make the room feel very contrasting. The house also becomes less boring and seems more daring because of the very different color mix.

Purple Palette Combination

The combination of ceiling and wall colors can then be applied with gradations from purple. With an assortment of purple color palettes, Pins can be applied to both ceilings and walls. The design of the house will seem more feminine and cute but still beautiful. The house also feels brighter with matching colored furniture.

Color Gray and White

This last house wall and ceiling paint color is no less good than the previous ideas. The combination of gray and white is enough for Pins to find for sure. Therefore, there is no need to worry anymore to apply it to the ceiling and walls of the house. With the same color palette, it will always fit when juxtaposed. The combination of white and gray will make the house more elegant and neat.