Why Termites Are Such a Big Problem

There are many reasons why the idea of having termites in your home can strike fear in your heart. Termites are those little wood eating pests that can completely destroy your home if you don’t catch them and get rid of them in time. In addition, they are sneaky, so catching on to their presence isn’t always easy. Once they have truly invaded and you find evidence they are there, major damage has already likely been done.


Further complicating things are all the regulations and limitations placed on how you can kill them.  There are actually many ways to kill termites, but many of them aren’t legal because the chemicals needed are restricted. In addition, finding them and making sure to get every single one is a very difficult process for anyone to do but a trained professional. Leaving behind some termites won’t fix your issues, it will simply slow them down for a little while.

Another complication is that there are different kinds of termites. How they are killed usually depends on what type of termite you are dealing with. Different termites are affected by different chemicals and methods. In addition, the different termites invade your home in different ways. This makes it even more difficult to get to the bottom of things and get rid of all of them.

Terminating Them

Common options for killing termites are permethrin dust and arsenic dust. Both help to kill off termites and can be pretty evasive, helping to eradicate a whole colony. However, as mentioned, different types of termites may be treated differently. It is essential to know the type of termite you are dealing with if you want to really protect your home against termites.

Drywood termites, for example, do not need to find their way in through the ground, like other species. They also don’t need a lot of moisture to thrive and are often found in attics. These are one of the rarest types of termite, found usually in coastal areas, but they also cause the worst damage. This is why getting rid of them is so essential.

They can be killed through several methods. The most common is whole house fumigation.  This requires a professional to do this safely and effectively. Sulfuryl fluoride or methyl bromide gas are usually used. This method is probably what you think about when you think about termite fumigation. The house must be tented off so the gas is contained and not leaked out. It is a highly toxic, so all people and pets have to be removed before the house is tented off. Fumigation is the most effective method because it is almost 100% effective at killing all the termites.

When it comes to termites, you should never mess around. If you notice any evidence of termites, it is always in your best interest to get it checked by a professional. If you do have termites, you should get a professional to treat your home right away. The longer you wait, the more damage is done. Termites can literally demolish your home if they are left alone.


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