What You Need to Know About Condo Renovations

For some, investing in a condominium unit seems tricky because many properties have strict guidelines on home renovations. Many beautiful Montreal condos for sale are beyond our budget and sometimes the only option is to buy a dated condo and have it remodeled or renovated.

Basic Condo Renovation Guidelines

Most properties allow renovations, but there are specific rules and regulations in place to ensure the wellbeing of other homeowners and tenants. Some of the most common rules include:

1. Working hours.

Most buildings require construction work to only take place within certain hours to ensure that you are not disturbing your neighbors.

2. No major work can be done.

This is one of the most important rules when it comes to renovating a condo unit. No major work can be done as it can affect the integrity of the building.

3. You need to get permission from the condo association.

Some homeowners may be breaking this particular rule but it is important to ask the board for permission before you start renovating your unit. First of all, it’s common courtesy so they can also let your neighbors know that you’re working on your unit. Another reason is so they can ascertain that what you’re going to do won’t put anyone at risk. As condos are close living spaces, it is essential to guarantee everyone’s safety. A permits may not be a foolproof guarantee for this, but it can lower any potential risk.

Requesting for permission can also save you from legal hassles later on. Some property managers may not implement rules on renovations as strictly as others, but there are those who will ensure that condo owners will respect and follow the rules. A renovation isn’t exactly worth having a lot of problems for, so it’s a lot easier to follow simple rules than be inconvenienced by it later on.

4. Plans are required.

Do you want to be granted permission to renovate as quickly as possible? Draw up a plan of what you intend to do on your unit and show it to the board. This way, you won’t have to explain yourself repeatedly and you can avoid any misunderstanding that can cost you the go signal for your renovation.

The bottom line

You can make renovations to your condo but youstill needto follow certain rules set by your condo association to avoid any potential headaches. In fact, it’s best to have a plan on hand already, so you can consult with the property management before you decide to buy a particular condo andclose the deal. A condo is a significant investment so you must plan your steps carefully to ensure that you are getting a good deal on your purchase. Before buying, consider the costs of renovation on top of the asking price. Sometimes people just buy a condo because it’s cheap, not realizing that repairs will be very costly. Don’t make the same mistake.

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