Upgrading for Empty Nesters

You bought the perfect family home when your kids were young. It was exactly what you needed at the time: Plenty of bedrooms, a big backyard and enough bathrooms to quell early-morning arguments. Now that the kids are grown up and moved out, you’re left with a home that doesn’t fit you anymore. Time to make some changes to make your family home the ideal empty nest for you and your partner.

Bathroom fit for Royalty

The saying goes that cleanliness is next to godliness, so unlock your divinity in your master bath. Now that your teenagers aren’t screaming at each other to get out every morning, it’s time for your bathroom to get the royal treatment.

  • You have great memories of your little ones splashing around and making a bubbly mess in it, but a tub to shower conversion Albuquerque adds a sense of luxury to your bathroom. There are plenty of stunning tiled walk-in varieties that will take your breath away.
  • Is your toilet the same one that your oldest learned how to use as a toddler? No matter how clean and well-taken-care-of it is, an old toilet can lead to issues like leaking, cracking and wiggliness. Commodes today are made to be more energy-efficient and use less water as well, so it’s worth replacing your porcelain throne.
  • Throw away your old, ripped, bleach-stained bath linens. The Victoria’s Secret Pink beach towel might have been your daughter’s favorite, but it’s not really your style. Replace all your towels and washcloths with everything white. It’s a pure, classic choice that is easy to keep clean.

Big-Scale Changes

There are some changes that you’ve always wanted to make, but they weren’t practical for a growing family. Now that everyone is moved out, you have no reason to hold back on those changes.

  • You needed that yard for games of tag and hide and seek in the past. If it’s too much for you to take care of anymore, change the design entirely. Replace the lawn with rocks or stepping stones, plant hedges and turn your backyard into your personal oasis.
  • Spare bedrooms don’t have to be guest rooms or storage areas. Convert extra rooms into spaces for your hobbies or interests: A craft area, music room or (wo)man cave.
  • There is less risk of spilling juice or ice cream on the floor nowadays, so get rid of that dingy old carpet and replace your flooring with something more classy.

This is your home, and you’ve made beautiful memories here. Make new ones by transforming your house from a family home to one that is perfect for you now.

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