Tools Every Handyman Should Have At Home

If you know how to fix many different things around the home, you do surely think that you are a handyman or handywoman. That is definitely awesome but do you have the right tools for the jobs that you can do? This is a question that most people will answer with yes but when they look closer at their toolboxes they notice that many important tools are missing. It is not at all difficult to miss some of the tools that you would need on a constant basis. For instance, most people do not own heavy duty aluminum ladders and they could be used around the house in various situations.

If you want to be sure that you have everything that you need, make sure that you think about all the things that you can often do around the home. Then, see if you have the right tools. The suggestions below should give you a good start.

Claw Hammer

Almost every single homeowner has a hammer at home but few have a claw hammer. This tool is essential and can be used in various different situations, ranging from demolition to driving nails. A 16 oz hammer made out of good materials is great in any home.


Sure, you most likely already have a screwdriver but you want to be sure that you have different types at home. For starters, you will need the flathead screwdriver, which is almost always useful. You can use them to loosen and tighten the flathead screws but they are also great for prying or scraping.

You should also have a Phillips head screwdriver. Many handymen actually see this screwdriver as being more important than the regular flathead. Although the tool appeared in the year 1936, it did have a huge impact on the entire DIY world.

Since we are talking about the screwdrivers, do think about getting vise grips too. They are commonly referred to as locking pliers. You end up using them in many situations.

Needle-Nose Pliers

These are particularly useful in the event that you have to do some electrical work or you operate in a tighter space. Durability is quite high and the tool is perfect for the handymen as various applications can be taken into account.

Socket Wrenches

Wrenches normally come in sets and you do need them at home. Those that want to be handymen and that do not have ratchet sets should solve this as soon as possible. The wrenches are great for so many jobs from removing oil pan plugs to installing the ceiling fan. Ratchet sets have to be put in the personal toolbox.

Tape Measure

A locking tape measure of 16’ is something that is necessary. You can get rid of much trouble when you have it. In basically all the projects that you will have at home you will have to measure something so you do need the tape measure. One with a good locking mechanism is quite advantageous. No matter what you install, repair or build, the measure will be used.

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