Three Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Three Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Do you have a desire to spruce up a room in your home but lack the dollars to do so? With a little effort and creativity, there are plenty of ways you can revamp a bedroom, dining area or lounge without the time, expense or hassle of redecorating.

De-clutter and start over

Firstly, for example, you might simply go for a good old de-clutter. Enter a room and let your mind’s eye register anything that appears to be old or incongruous. If you don’t have sentimental attachments to those garish ornaments or pictures hanging on the wall then why not simply get rid? Take them to a charity store, have a lawn sale, even sell them online; a ‘blank canvas’ of a room allows you to enjoy and relax in a more minimalist space.

Or if you’re keen to build up a collection of things you really do want to hang onto, there’s no need to shell out loads of money on new furnishings. You could simply get creative by going to a sculpture or painting class, taking and framing great photographs or collecting beautiful things you see when out on a nature walk. By making your own space just how you like it, you will naturally create a whole new look and a room that feels more ‘you’.

Deep clean

Spring cleaning’ is also a fabulous way to make your home spic and span – and you needn’t only do it in the springtime either! Clean behind the bookshelves, polish your wooden furniture, re-upholster your sofas and chairs, buy – or better still – make new cushion covers, get some carpet cleaner and give your carpets a thorough wash. You might be surprised at all the dirt and dust that has gathered in your home, and more surprised still at the difference a proper clean makes. You need only do this kind of deep-clean once or twice a year, but it will make your home look, feel and smell like new.

Re-order and revamp

Finally, a fabulous way to give your home a new lease of life is to ‘feng shui’ it; in other words simply move your furniture around! You may have lived with the sofa over there whilst the chairs are there for such a long time that you haven’t realised a simple re-arrangement may open up more space or create a more cozy atmosphere. Entering a fresh, well-ordered room is much more relaxing than the same tired old space, so experiment, ask the family’s opinion and get rearranging!