Remodel Your Kitchen And Remodel Your Life

Remodel Your Kitchen And Remodel Your Life

Trends in the home can come and go and as such it can be hard to know where best to spend your hard-earned money. But with the kitchen remaining the hub of the home for many modern households, it can be the best space in which to invest time and money.

However, knowing which trends will be long-lasting and which will be gone tomorrow is important to avoid your money going down the drain.

1. Let Light Lead The Way

As the ‘heart of the home’ the kitchen is a place that needs to perform a number of functions: as an eating space, a play area and somewhere to entertain the lighting needs to be flexible enough to cover all eventualities. Pendant lighting works well in larger kitchens, especially those with islands, as it offers the potential for soft illumination suitable for late evening catch ups and early morning wake ups. However, with the kitchen’s main function being one of practicality sensible overhead lighting is a must. Choosing LED light tubes is a great way to make sure shadows are banished and the workspaces are fully lit. Lastly, another trend that looks as though it is here to stay is under cabinet lighting. Placed well, this type of lighting can pick out the areas of the kitchen you wish to see highlighted.

2. Dedicated Drawer Spacekitchen remodeling

Clutter can be a real problem in busy homes of all shapes and sizes and keeping on top of it is a must in order to maintain order in the kitchen. In the past, gadgets and tools were a thing to be proud of, something to show off with to friends and an aspect of modern life to be celebrated. However, with sleek and streamlined design the order of the day it is important to allocate drawer space in which to contain all your kitchen bits and bobs. Not only that, phone chargers, pens, notepads all need a home   with many modern homes unable to afford the space for a desk in the kitchen, designating a drawer for these bits and pieces is essential.

3. Functionality Over Style

Although old-fashioned farmhouse style sinks, ornate range hoods and overhead pot hangers have grown in popularity over the last decade, it would be wise to avoid such fads as they are expensive and the suggestion is they are likely to change. This is partly because of a return to practicality where it matters in the kitchen. Though a deep, porcelain sink can create a real focal point in a kitchen, opting for a stainless steel unit in a sleek style is easier to maintain and far less likely to fall out of fashion. Similarly, decorative range hoods and vintage pot racks are at odds with the lasting need for a kitchen with a feeling of cleanliness and openness. As such, investing in rolling cupboard space provides the perfect hiding place for oversized pots and pans.

4. Laying The Foundations

Most importantly, remodelling your kitchen should be based around plain white and stainless steel in order to create a blank canvas on which personal touches can be painted. This, along with the right illumination such as LED light tubes, will mean that changing your kitchen’s style is less of a chore.
Of course, predicting trends is a difficult business and none more so than when it comes to the home. But creating a neutral room with plenty of space and functionality will provide a practical kitchen able to grow and adapt as fashion evolves.

Author Bio: – James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.