Redecorate for the New Year and Banish the January Blues

Redecorate for the New Year and Banish the January Blues

Christmas time sees us fill our homes with flourishes of lights, colours and decorations. We transform our living space into a winter wonderland of marvellous lighting and beautiful ornaments, so once it comes time to take it all down it can be quite a shock.

This year, instead of dwelling on the end of the festivities, breathe some new life into your home with these New Year decorating ideas. Simple and quick to do, these tips are guaranteed to banish those January blues.


Leave some decorations up

You don’t have to completely banish your home of all seasonal decorations once January rolls around. Although you should take down the tree, Christmas cards and any Santa-related items, you don’t have to say goodbye to everything.

Leave soft fairy lights hanging up to set an ambient mood through the room. Reindeer and snowmen are also good decorations to keep around, as they signify winter and not just Christmas. Place snowmen candle holders throughout your bathroom, or leave deer ornaments, such as the above from, across the mantelpiece in your lounge. These little touches will keep you feeling festive through the whole of winter.

Use winter inspired colours

If you’re planning on adding a fresh lick of paint or some new rugs around the New Year, then stick to a cool blue or off white shade. This winter inspired colour pallet will make your home look clean and simple and, coupled with the decorative arrangements leftover from Christmas, will cheer you up on even the coldest of nights.

If you’re wanting to add these colours to a room, but aren’t willing to commit to a redecoration project so soon after Christmas, then simply add some light blue and cream pillows or throws for an effortless winter transformation.

Make it cosy with luxurious fabrics

If there is one thing we all know about winter, it’s that it can get very cold. Although the colours and decorations in your home should pay tribute to this, you don’t have to feel chilly whenever you step through your front door.

Inspire a sense of cosiness by using rich and soft fabrics. You can even go the whole nine yards and swap your leather sofa for a fabric corner sofa from or other online retailers. For smaller touches, place blankets and plush throw cushions over your sofa so you can warm yourself from the icy weather. Replace thinner curtains and summer blinds with heavy fabrics and tuck yourself in with a white comforter across your bed and heavy quilts to keep you snug.

Introduce nature to your home

The stripped-back and simple elements of nature through the colder season can really bring about a rustic feel. For an inexpensive but effective touch, bring items you find outdoors inside and tailor them to your own style and tastes.

Arrange branches and light coloured plants in a vase or introduce a bowl of pinecones to the centre of a table. To add a little warmth to these arrangements, tie ribbons around them in soft orange or red shades, or scatter some simple tea candles around.

Keep lighting soft

The bright and vibrant lighting of Christmas has left your home and it’s time to set a more romantic feel for the New Year ahead. Take down the colourful green and red lights. Instead, replace them with strands of white fairy lights across the mantelpiece in the lounge or headboard in the bedroom. Display simple white candles throughout different rooms to stay true to the theme of winter, while welcoming a warm glow into your home.