Reasons to Choose Custom Bamboo Shades in Your Home

Reasons to Choose Custom Bamboo Shades in Your Home

There are a wide range of options available in the market today where window coverings are concerned, therefore making it quite a difficult task to choose one for your home. But if you’re on the lookout for something that is functional and looks stunning, then custom bamboo shades are the way to go. Here are just some reasons to choose custom bamboo shades for your home.

Bamboo is Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a totally renewable material and therefore, a completely environmentally friendly option. While bamboo looks like a form of wood, it is actually a grass, one of the fastest growing plants in the world. This means that as soon as it is harvested, new bamboo crops take the place of the old ones very quickly, unlike timber forests that take years to replenish.

Bamboo Blinds are Durable and Last Longer

Another outstanding and poignant benefit of custom bamboo shades are that they are immensely durable and they last longer than shades of other materials. Custom bamboo shades have been known to resist warping, fading or deteriorating for years together. Weather conditions such as intense sun or moisture have almost no bearing on the longevity of custom bamboo shades. This makes them a fabulous alternative to timber for wet area blinds.

Custom Bamboo Shades Come in a Wide Range of Choices

Custom bamboo shades are available in a wide range of choices to suit every style. You can choose from woven blinds to create a block out effect, venetian blinds that look just like timber venetians, or matchstick blinds to allow sunlight through, while still giving you views to the outside. Bamboo blinds are available in drape, roll-up, spring roller, and roman styles. This makes bamboo one of the most flexible options around.

They Look Stylish

Bamboo blinds make your home look stylish, natural, and classic. They add a touch of the exotic to your space. All you need to do to add a beachy, tropical feel to your home is to add bamboo blinds. They are versatile enough to even look modern, clean, and classic. You can match your bamboo shades to the decor in your home as bamboo is available in many different colors and can even be painted if need be.

Custom Bamboo Shades have an Insulating Effect

When you install bamboo blinds on your windows, you will notice that they have an insulating effect. This is due to the fact that they stop heat from entering your home during the summer and work well at keeping heat retained in your home in the winter. This natural insulation means that you will notice a drop in your utility bills.

To make your home look warm, airy, and inviting choose custom bamboo shades. You won’t regret it!