Patio Misters and Heaters: Keeping You Comfortable In Every Season

Imagine it is quite a beautiful summer day – if only it were about ten degrees cooler. It was your idea to have lunch outside. From the chilly, air conditioned interior of the office building the sun looked warm and inviting, the vibrant green of the grass was practically irresistible. But now that you’ve settled into a wicker chair you’re sweating profusely and your shirt collar feels as though it’s about to strangle you to death. Not exactly what you had been hoping for when you bravely left the temperature controlled climate of the office.

Misters and HeatersIf only there was some way to benefit from the cool, refreshing relief of an air conditioner while still being outside; and what about when temperatures drop in the evening? Surely, there must be some way that we can enjoy the great outdoors without suffering from either heat stroke or being too cold.

There certainly is – patio misters and heaters!

Patio Misters During the Day

There are basically two ways to beat the heat when outdoors on a sweltering day. You can hire a personal assistant to splash you with cool water every minute, or you can invest in patio misters which will do a much more effective job and won’t look nearly as ridiculous.

The majority of patio and deck materials trap the summer heat which transforms your relaxing sitting area into an oversized oven. Patio misters are a highly effective way to keep oppressive temperatures in check.

There are various different types of misters commercially available. They range from small, individual misting fans to large, comprehensive misting systems. Smaller misters generally operate using city water pressure (50 psi), while larger misters use specially designed pumps to achieve higher pressures (~1,000 psi).

For expansive areas and applications in a business setting, large pressurized misters are probably the smartest and most efficient choice. These misters work by spraying a very fine mist of water into the surrounding air which then evaporates. The evaporation creates a cooling effect. Patio misters are the perfect way to beat the heat.

Patio Heaters at Night

But what if you and your family, guests, coworkers, or customers want to linger outside long after the sun has set? If you look around and notice that people’s teeth are chattering and they’re rubbing their arms vigorously, it’s time to turn on the patio heaters.

Patio heaters, also sometimes referred to as umbrella or mushroom heaters, use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), butane, or propane gas to generate radiant heat in outdoor areas. The metal top portion of the patio heater contains a reflector which reflects the heat generated by the flames and blocks it from escaping upwards.

Although fuel powered patio heaters are by far the most common, there are also a new generation of electric patio heaters which use infrared energy to create the radiant heat required to warm an area. Some people prefer these electrically powered heaters because they don’t create carbon emissions like gas powered heaters do and thus they are more environmentally friendly.

Patio heaters are especially useful for businesses because they can allow customers or clients to sit outdoors into the night and throughout cooler seasons.

Whether you’re looking for respite from the scorching heat or biting cold, there is an easy solution. Patio misters and heaters allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors regardless of the temperature.

David Shank is the VP of Sales for a company offering misting and heating systems for residential and business use.

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