Most Frequently Donated Cars

Used car donations are a popular choice amongst families, individuals, and companies when deciding whether to donate or sell a used vehicle. With the tax benefits along with the added satisfaction of knowing that you are able to help an individual or family in need, donation can be a very appealing option. Before donating a car however, many people find themselves wondering which cars are most frequently donated and whether it is appropriate to donate their car.  It is important to understand that while any donation is appropriate, let the professionals decide how your donation may be best used before you decide to donate. Knowing which cars are most frequently donated however can be helpful. It will help you determine how easily accepted your vehicle may be, or find out if your car make or brand is in a higher demand. 

Donated Cars1998 Ford Windstar

In general, the ratio of men to women of car donations is almost even with approximately 47% of donations coming from women and 53% coming from men. It may not come as a surprise though that nearly 73% of the 1998 Ford Windstar donations came from women, being that women are more well-known for owning minivans. However it is worth nothing that this particular vehicle between the years of 1998 and 2003 underwent recalls due to issues with the rear axle. If a particular car had enough issues to warrant a recall, it’s safe to say that these cars may not have been worth as much to sell and therefore were more frequently donated.

Ford Taurus

Another Ford makes the list with the Ford Taurus. The Ford Taurus is the 4th oldest vehicle make that is still in production today, which therefore means that there may be a surplus of these vehicles in comparison to other makes of cars. Considering this fact alone makes sense that it is the number two most popular vehicle donated to a car donation charity. Unlike the Ford Windstar however, this car is most popularly donated by men, accounting for 66% of donations for the make. New York and California donate the most of this make compared to any other state, with 529 units and 226 cars respectively.

Toyota Camry

Most likely not a surprising factoid, but the Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in the United States. In fact, it has held that position for the last 10 years! With a plethora of available cars, similar to the Ford Taurus, it makes sense that this is the third most popularly donated vehicle. New York and California again top the charts with the donations of this make with New York donating approximately 623 and California over 350.

Honda Accord

New York and California must love donating cars, because they top the charts again with the Honda Accord. Being the 4th most commonly donated car in the US, New York alone donated over 515 units. Hondas are a Japanese made car and another one of the most frequently purchased car in America.

Written by Loretta Stein of Goodwill Car Donations, helping you donate your vehicle to Goodwills across the country.

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