Is your Roof up to the Job?

A lot of us take our homes for granted. While we spend hours and hours of each week cleaning our living rooms, dusting the corners, vacuuming the carpets and mowing the lawn, how often do you look up? The roofs of our houses are frankly the most important parts of our homes. It’s what keeps the warmth in, and the weather out. And once you have a problem with your roof, you can guarantee those problems are going to start to mount up throughout the home. Once the roof has a slipped tile, or the felts have rotted underneath, you are going to start to get water ingress through to the roof joists, into your attic, and before you know it, damp problems can start to materialise in the home.

Of course, the roof protects us as much as anything from the rain, but as a natural defence, the rain has to go somewhere, and with most roof designs, the rain slides down! All good so far, but of course, that’s only the case if your soffits and guttering is in good shape. If they’re not, that water isn’t going to collect nicely in the drains after running through the maze of drains and drainpipes, it’s going to run straight down the sides of your outside walls, and create huge damp problems in the fullness of time.

Of course, it shouldn’t all be doom and gloom, because roofs are built to last. The point really is that they do require solid and regular maintenance. Of course, the more extreme your weather, the more you have to be careful. Here in Chicago, we have to be vigilant.

The best course of action for anyone who perhaps hasn’t looked up to their roofs recently, is to call the experts in. There are plenty of Chicago roofing companies out there who can offer their expertise in assessing the condition of your roof and gutters. Of course, if you’re fortunate you may well find that you don’t have too many problems, but if on the other hand you find out that there’s work to be done, you’ll be glad to be on top of it, because it would only have become worse in the fullness of time.

It’s also important to be wary of what sort of firm you call out to your home to give you an assessment. While there are plenty of good companies out there, you will come across companies that are somewhat lacking in the qualifications for the job. Make sure whoever you employ shows the necessary credentials before visiting your home. You should be looking for a website which gives the impression of a company who has your best interests at heart. It’s always worth taking a little time to do your due diligence before you allow anyone over the threshold of your home.

With a shipshape roof and gutters, you can be confident of keeping the bad weather out of your home, safe in the knowledge that your contents, your family, and the fabric of the home you live in are all safe.

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