How You Should be Investing Your Money

If you are sitting on a sizable amount of cash then leaving it in your savings account should not always be the first option. Naturally you will want to have some money kept to one side for emergencies but other than that it makes sense to put your money to work by way of investments. There is a school of thought that says that investing is akin to gambling, whilst this may be true to an extent, there is much far less risk attached to investing that to the likes of a roulette table. If you have been thinking about investing some of your cash and looking to turn a profit on it then here are some ways that you could be putting your money to work.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is always the first thing people say when you talk to them about investments ‘put it into bricks and mortar’ is the common phrase and they would be absolutely right, real estate is a great way to grow your wealth. 4 years ago I began investing in commercial real estate through my brokerage firm The Welfont Group and with their assistance, incredible knowledge of the industry and the excellent way that they have managed my assets, I have turned some great profits and see monthly rent revenue coming in. You don’t have to go down the commercial real estate route, any property can make you cash, just ensure that you understand the market, seek advice from professionals and as always, invest wisely.

Oil Industry

An area where I have recently been investing some cash has been the oil industry, t can be a great way of boosting your wealth if you know what you are doing, I spent some months studying the market before parting with any cash. There are so many variables when it comes to the price of oil and so many things that can change it from geographical to political impacts. So far I’ve just dipped my toe and invested in the futures market, these are contracts that predict the price of oil in 2 years time for example, if the price is higher than the contract which you’ve bought then you can guarantee the price on the contract. None of my contracts have yielded yet, but so far the prices are moving in the right direction.

Start Ups

If you have strong knowledge of a particular industry then you could consider investing in start ups within that field. The reason I stress that you should have industry knowledge is simply so that you are best placed to assess if you think the start up will work. Every budding CEO on Earth will tell you that they have an idea that will change the World but the truth is that you are better at making that decision than them. Funding start ups can prove to be very lucrative if you make a smart decision, if you do so, ensure that you build into the contract a share reward scheme, that way if things turn out well, you will be duly rewarded.

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