How to Beautifully Accessorise Every Room in Your Home

If there’s one thing tip every interior designer will give you to make your home look great, it’s to accessorise.The great thing about this tip is that it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Sometimes people want to go the extra mile and really overhaul their home however. In these cases, a home equity line of credit can work in your favor to finance these endeavors. It still shouldn’t be
as much as sprucing up the whole home!Not everyone has the keen eye to accessorise every room in the house, however. That’s why we’ve put together this easy guide, to get those creative juices flowing.

Living Room

This is a fairly easy room to get right, thankfully. Start off by picking a colour scheme, then go from there. Stick to two or three key colours and invest in accessories in various tones or shades. Here are some of the key ways to accessorise your living room:

  • Cushions – Let your imagination run wild with the cushions in your living room! You’ll find dozens of beautiful ideas on Etsy or try making them yourself.
  • Lamps – A few lamps dotted around the living room can really brighten a room up. Excuse the pun! They’re not too expensive either.
  • Plants – Bring the outside in with some house plants. This is an amazing way to accessorise your living room, without spending a fortune.


There are some truly unique ways to accessorise your kitchen on Pinterest, which got us thinking. Again, you want to focus on a few key colours and go from there. Some top ways of accessorising include:

  • Utensils – Come up with creative ways to display your cooking utensils. You can hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. Alternatively, invest in utensils that match your colour scheme.
  • Gadgets – If you don’t want too much colour around your kitchen, consider adding a splash here and there with your gadgets. You’ll find a range of toasters, kettles and other kitchen must-haves to suit your style.
  • Artwork – No one ever really thinks about hanging art in their kitchen, but they should! It may be an unconventional room to turn into a gallery, but it’ll certainly become a talking point.


Many people’s bathrooms get left behind when it comes to accessorising. After all, how can you accessorise a bathroom?! Actually, you’d be surprised:

  • Matching Sets – You can find matching sets for the bathroom that include bins, toilet brushes, and even soap dispensers. Bring your bathroom together with one key design.
  • Shelves – Invest in some beautiful shelves to display all of your toiletries. Turn your cosmetics into accessories themselves!
  • Towel Rails – You can buy some really cool looking towel rails from places such as Bella Bathrooms. Not only do they look great, but they’re functional too!


Image from Flickr


Finally, our little slice of paradise. Your bedroom should be your haven, which is even more reason to ensure it’s looking its best. Here are some wonderful accessorising ideas for the bedroom:

  • Curtains – Get yourself some beautiful curtains for the bedroom, which also keep the light out. This will ensure your room looks great and you get a good nights sleep.
  • Candles – There’s nothing better than relaxing in candlelight. They also look fantastic on your bedside table, which is a bonus.
  • Mirrors – You can use mirrors to make your bedroom look bigge Perfect for those who feel cramped in the space they have. A full-length mirror is a must-have in any bedroom.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas out there, for those who want to add a bit of ‘something’ to their home. You don’t need to have bags of cash or be an interior designer to create beautiful looking rooms.



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