Home Presentation: the best way to show your home

Home Presentation: the best way to show your home

Any time you invite people into your home, may it be for a simple get together, holiday celebration, or formal house walk event – you’re presenting yourself to the world on the most intimate level. People will not only see your personal style, but your values, work ethic and taste. No matter what your style is, it’s important to present your home and your values in the best light possible – without leaving room for lack of attention to detail. Take a look at these tips, and see how you can maximize the presentation of your home at its absolute best.


Don’t be Afraid of Your Style

While you might be afraid to offend the tastes of others, don’t let that get in the way of you accentuating your own unique style throughout your own home. While you may think you’re covering your bases by not going too strong in any one direction, that’s only going to leave your home looking bland and unoriginal. If you have a penchant for Exotic masks – go with it! If you love wooden wall hangings, let people know! If you can keep a standard base of acceptable style present throughout the home; that will cover you in terms of generic acceptable style. These are things like wall colors, carpets and drapes. On the other hand, if you’re finding that you want to hang some outrageous things over those standard colored walls – do it! You’re only going to gain more style points with your crowd.

Add Extra Style for Free

When you’re hosting a large get together in a nice sized home, you’d be surprised what you can end up furnishing your home with for free, temporarily. Consider approaching a local art gallery, home decorator, or even furniture store with some pictures of your home and an estimate of how many guests will be attending. It’s not uncommon for upscale local home décor businesses to offer loaned merchandise as advertising at a prominent event. The most they might ask is a small kiosk with some of their professional business cards to display to your audience. Even if they require an entire rack of printed brochures, it’s not really going to hurt the presentation of your home’s quality. Having upscale designers advertising in your home will only say “I’m so important, people want to advertise where I live…”

Less is more – Don’t Crowd your Space

One of the greatest dangers of decorating and presenting a well designer interior space, is overcrowding it with too many pieces of furniture and decoration. While you may think that the more great things you add to your home, the better it will look – you have to remember; in any space, the only real asset is the negative space between physical items. This is the “Feng Shui” of your room, and the feeling someone gets the moment they walk into the space. No matter what the style of your home is, it won’t be appreciated unless there’s enough negative space to let it showcase and present well. Rule of thumb: if possible, never make someone walk through a floor space they can’t walk a circle in. Similarly – never include more than 1 item on a wall every few feet. If you can give your home the space to present itself properly, you can get the benefit of maximum exposure for your decorations.


While presenting a well decorated home isn’t easy, it can be simpler than you think. Taking the time to not only fill your home with treasures, but treasure its presentation will reward you with the admiration of your guests and satisfaction of yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself some time to think and rethink decisions leading up to the actual showing. The worst thing you can do is make rash design decisions that leave you regretful on the big day. Without leaving a stone unturned, perfect your strategy well in advance – and you’ll see that correctly decorating and presenting your home is easier than you though!