Exploring a few creative gardening tool storage options

If you believe that your garden reflects your personal style as much as (if not more than) what your interiors do, then you must be very meticulous about your garden “décor”. Now, gardening and yard work get much more hassle-free with the right tools around. Gardening is popular. Most of the homemakers out there have at least patch or a pot growing some plant or the other there. Are you too absorbed by your plants? Are you ignoring your gardening tools in the process? If yes, then refrain from neglecting the precious hoes, spades and trowels that are exposed to so much abuse during the growing season. Acknowledge the fact that your beauteous garden is their (i.e. these tools’) contribution—to a large extent. Love them a bit more than you do now and they will happily yield you better results! Make sure you’re zeroing in on good storage options for your tools in a bid to guarantee a longer life (for your tools).

Garden Sheds: Considering its utility when it comes to protecting tools

The garden sheds protect your tools from direct exposure to the climatic extremities like heat, rain and storm. As already mentioned above, these tools suffer maximum abuse during the growing season. And, if they are left unprotected after use, then they will not last as long as you would want them to. As tempting it might seem to reach out to your gardening tools very easily, please be informed that outdoor storage can possibly turn out to be the worst enemy of your garden tools.

How should you store your gardening tools?

Ideally you should zero in on a storage option which allows enough air to circulate but protects your tools at the same time. You can store them in a garage or shed. Or else, you can even set up a storage unit (like rural mailbox) as a means to shield the devices. Outdoor storage is particularly harmful for wooden handles which might as well crack, roughen, warp or split up owing to constant exposure to the climatic discrepancies.

Ways to spruce up your storage space

You’re necessarily required to stick to mundane storage options. If you want you can really incorporate some creativity in to these sheds. For instance, you can just set up a cedar fence and conceal things like trash cans, hay bales and garden tools behind this fence. In that way these tools can be easily reached when needed, as well.

Yes, you can grow plants in a bid to conceal a supposedly odd-looking storage space in your garden. Raise some extra plants (like cypress and cedar trees) in order to create your own concealed storage options.

Get creative with your mundane storage choices like the rural mail boxes as well. How about painting it with some real earthy colors as well? Incorporate something which complements your garden in its entirety.

The larger garden tools like garden carts and wheel barrows can be stored away in wood piles, which, once again, serve as great screening devices.

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