Creating a Tropical Themed Room With Wicker Furniture

Visiting tropical areas such as the Bahamas and Hawaii are on your list of places to travel to, but in the meantime, you wish to create a tropical area of your own in your home. The best method of doing just that includes the purchase and placement of wicker or rattan furniture in your living room. Some tips on creating this unique environment include:

Purchase Themed Cushions
Adding complementing cushions to the wicker sofa and chairs will add so much to the overall look. Choose stain-resistant styles that will last for extended periods of time. Select colors that match the walls and other decor in the room.

Add Plants
The addition of green foliage and tropical plants will add so much to the overall impression. Place the larger plants in corners and the smaller greenery atop side tables and on shelving. The more plants, the more the ultimate impact on visitors and family according to design tips from Wicker Paradise.

Add Natural Accessories and Flooring
Wooden picture frames, pottery, and figurines imported from tropical areas will provide instant color and pizzazz. Bamboo flooring or natural woven grass matting will provide your guests with comfort, a sense of warmth, and the look and feel of faraway exotic places.

You will be so delighted with the end result when you add wicker furniture to your decorating scheme. Family and friends will enjoy this light and natural room, and even your parties can revolve around an exotic and tropical theme.

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