Buying Office Furniture – The Essentials

Buying Office Furniture – The Essentials

Well-furnished office spaces exude an aura of comfort and professionalism. As far as businesses are concerned, the choice of the right furniture for offices serves to create a positive impression on both employees and clients. The type of office furniture ranging from reception desks, office chairs, workstations, boardroom tables to storage and filing cabinets, reflect the image of the business establishment. Office furniture, in effect, also has a direct impact on the productivity of the staff manning the workplace. Cramped and uncomfortable settings have telling effects on the business performance.


Choice of the right furniture can make a difference!


Points to consider when selecting furniture for your office:


Office furniture should meet business needs, and will vary based on the type and scale of business, office space, number of employees, and the budget. Sprucing up new offices needs more elaborate planning, while furnishing break-rooms, boardroom, or executive cabins demand a focused attention.


• The furniture chosen should fit neatly within the office space, allowing people to move around freely. Small offices can, in fact, benefit from space-saving units such as adjustable desks, or cabinets that can double up as tables.


• The choice of office desks and chairs vary depending on the number of employees, office equipment at each desk (telephones, computers, printers, fax machines, etc.), and the seating arrangement.


• Workstations shared by many people should be spacious enough to allow comfortable working spaces for each person, apart from accommodating office chairs.


• Ergonomic comfort is the key to selecting the right office chair, be it for executives at the boardroom tables, or employees at their office desks or workstations. Chairs that offer the best support for the back, shoulders, and arms minimize discomfort, health issues and postural problems caused by desk jobs over time.


• Similarly, office chairs with swirl functionality and adjustable heights also make them more comfortable and suitable for all employees.


• Reception desks need careful attention, as they are public spaces open to visitors. They must provide ample space for receptionists to handle their jobs confidently and comfortably, apart from being well designed.


• Boardroom tables and executive chairs also matter most, as they are symbolic of a professional business environment. They must cater to both the aesthetic and functional needs of high-profile meetings, being both comfortable and elegant. Price is often a secondary consideration in buying these furniture pieces.


• No office space is complete without storage spaces. Filing cabinets and lockers that best meet the space and business needs, and which blend well with other pieces of the office furniture, are ideal. Quality, spaciousness, design, and pricing all go to decide the right storage unit.


It is important to realize that the look and feel of office furniture definitely takes precedence over pricing. It is, in fact, a matter of both comfort and pride for employees who spend a larger part of their work day at their desks. However, it may not be possible for a startup company to invest heavily in furnishing the office space. Hunting around for cost-effective products, and competitively priced furniture from reputed manufacturers and dealers may help hit a rewarding deal. Cheap products have a limited life, and eventually demand more effort and time later on to refurnish the office space.


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