Basic Network Monitoring Tools For Home Network Security

Basic Network Monitoring Tools For Home Network Security

Tools for home network monitoring are in high demand but most home users are missing the important point. The world has thousands of identity thieves prowling the internet waiting to pounce on unsuspecting people yet users of home networks think that their updated antivirus software is enough security and protection. They are missing the fact that information personally identifying them can be lifted easily from their unmonitored network systems at home.

Tools For Network Monitoring

Most of the American society is using the wireless LAN home connection. Lots of middle-class families including many families who earn a low income usually have a number of computers at home. These PCs are then linked via an open-access type of internet connection. Nonetheless, only a few PC home users ever use and activate the full spectrum and features that a Local Area Network comes with. In turn, network monitoring practices are forgotten.


Internet providers today install more than one wireless router. Each router has a control center configured to be accessed via a password and username; the Admin field. Small business owners and home users do not modify these universal router access codes. In addition, since the internet provider is usually handling the system setup, lots of users especially at home have never looked into the control center of a router.

The modern router comes with one code password per user to prevent anyone who is situated around from lifting the bandwidth of your internet from the wireless router. This also stops such individuals from seizing your downloads or uploads.

Unmitigated Threats

Many companies and homes understand there is a need to extend the connection capacity of their internal networks. To accomplish this, secondary wireless routers are incorporated rather than wired hub, a flawless solution for any network. Nonetheless, there is an installation of secondary routers without the application of user access rights controlled by a password. Such a failure brings undesirable levels of risk of information interception.

To know how the effect of unprotected systems could be dangerous, get a laptop or Tablet and drive across your neighborhood with the devices switched on. You will notice there are so many unsecured web connections available popping up across the entire neighborhood. This pattern can be applied in any business district with lots of unsecured networks being displayed.

Common Dangers And Problems Of Unsecured Connections

Bandwidth Parasites

To the person who accesses your bandwidth invisibly, it is free internet for their systems at your expense. Lots of videos, protected data, films and music will be illegally downloaded and authorities will trace the trend back into your IP address as the culprits go scot free. The flow of your internet is hampered and connection speed affected as a result of more than one user accessing your bandwidth.  You will be paying lots of money for bandwidth usage, wasting lots of funds.

Criminal Activities

Since your internet connection is free and accessible by all, criminals will use it to hack into governmental bodies, financial sites and others and the authorities will be knocking at your home soon. Also, your network will be used to distribute illegal content such as pornography and it is your IP address that will bear the full brunt of the law.

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