Aquarium Décor

While your fish may be one of the most beautiful things in your aquarium, the look will never be complete without the right aquarium décor to create the stunning aesthetics your tank is capable of.
A truly great aquarium fish tank will take the centre stage in any room, and be an interesting and fascinating focal point – not just somewhere to keep a few fish!
Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, so here’s a few tips based on our years of experience helping customers buy and set up some truly beautiful tanks:

Salt or Fresh Water

One of the biggest deciding factors about how your tank is going to look is whether you are setting up a marine or freshwater aquarium. If you like the idea of natural swaying soft coral reefs with beautiful clown fish swimming in and out of anemones, nothing but a marine tank will do, and you should probably avoid tropical or cold fresh water tanks.
The Live Coral Reef look in your home will for most people, always be the king of natural aquarium décor, but these take a lot of time, effort and skill to get right, marine tanks generally being harder to care for than freshwater tropical, however if you are willing to invest the time and money, there is little that can beat it.
Take a look at things like Live Aquarium Rock, different colours of Live Marine Sand, as well as sustainably sourced soft and hard corals to achieve a tranquil undersea haven in your living-room.
If you are just starting out as an aquarist, we recommend you spend some time getting the chemistry of a freshwater tank right first, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of things to play and experiment with in that category too, with stunning décor effects to be created!

Natural or Themed Aquarium Décor

The next step is think about whether you want to go with a natural theme, or something a little special to you. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from aquariums themed on films and TV, to stunning naturalistic aquariums that look like the cross-section of a mighty river. Be creative! But don’t forget to think about and research how certain ornaments might affect your water chemistry.
You can buy most things to get you started too, such as ready-made ornaments and classic miniatures like shipwrecks from places like Swell UK, as well as the stuff you need for a natural look like gravels that compliment your existing home colour scheme as well as natural plants – experiment is the key!

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