5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holiday season is such a special time of the year. Aside from the fact that it brings along with it two of the most popular holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is also filled with shopping, snow, homemade meals and plenty of entertaining.

Holiday GuestsIf you’re someone who will be having guests over during the next several weeks and you’d like a few tips on things that you can do to make your home feel extra-special over the holidays, we’ve provided you with five of our favorite recommendations below:

Dress up your front door. Even before people walk inside, they are going to have to knock on your front door. One simple thing that you can do to bring life to your door is to put a wreath on it. You can either purchase one at a local store or you can go to websites like Country Living, Martha Stewart and The 36th Avenue. They will walk you through the steps of how to make one on your own. Just go to one of them and put “make a wreath” in the search field.

Decorate your dining room table. Whether you’re planning to have a dinner party or you’re expecting company to stay with you for a couple of days, it’s always a nice touch to have your dining room table decorated in a festive kind of way. You can put down a tablecloth that’s red, gold or green, create a centerpiece that is “holiday themed” and then put down some plates that remind people of either the Christmas holiday or the winter weather.

Make it smell nice. The holiday season brings with it some of the best smells. Cinnamon, pine, peppermint, cranberry, ginger, pumpkin pie and apple cider are all scents that are warm, inviting and festive. Although you may plan to cook some desserts that will give off these aromas, don’t forget to pick up some scented candles too. It’s a nice touch for your living room and guest room.

Get some poinsettias. While preparing your home for the holidays, something else that you can do is pick up some white and red poinsettias. They are the kind of plant that can easily liven up a room and it’s even a nice token to send with a very special guest once they leave your house. Speaking of natural decor, another thing that you can use are pine cones. Just pick up some from your yard outside and place them in a wicker basket or glass bowl for your coffee table or mantle.

Put together a “holiday basket”. When adding finishing touches to your guest room for your overnight visitors, it’s always a nice idea to put together a holiday basket. Inside of it, you can put a bottle of cider, some gingerbread cookies, a couple pair of warm socks or footies, some hand lotion in a holiday spice scent, a Christmas ornament and a handwritten note thanking them for spending time with you over the holiday season. It will make them feel like they’re at home, even while they’re away. And that’s always a great feeling to have over the holiday season.

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